Perianesthesia Training Program at NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases

NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases offers multiple nursing specialty training programs to all nursing professionals that have the interests to upgrade their knowledge and skills. The NYU HJD’s Professional Development Division provides a comprehensive PACU Training Program that renders the nursing staff clinically and professionally competent. As an accredited health care institution, NYU HJD provides an excellent PACU Training Program designed to assure the delivery of a safe and competent nursing care. The six (6) month PACU Training Program is being offered to professional registered nurses with at least two (2) years of medical-surgical experience.

NYU HJD adopted the American Society of Perianesthesia Nurses (ASPAN)’s Competency Based Orientation Credentialing Program (CBOC). This program provides an evidenced based comprehensive curriculum which includes core learning modules written by perianesthesia and critical care nurse authors, peer reviewed curriculum/education design and based on ASPAN Standards, Recommended Practices and Guidelines.The competency-based orientation and credentialing program focuses with the acquisition of new knowledge for experienced nursing professionals that desires to practice in the perianesthesia care settings.  Clinical preceptorship provides the highlights of the PACU training program. The PACU provides the “new” nurse with a supportive environment conducive to learning the new skill sets and apply them in the clinical/practice settings.

ASPAN's Competency Based Orientation Credentialing Program Curriculum

  • Introduction to Perianesthesia Nursing
  • Preanesthesia Setting
    • Preanesthesia Testing (PAT)
    • Preoperative Teaching
    • Preoperative History and Assessment
    • Day of Surgery Preparation
  • Airway Management
  • Circulation
  • Neurological System
  • Renal System
  • Moderate Sedation/Analgesia
  • Anesthesia Agents and Adjuncts
    • General Inhalation Agents
    • Muscle Relaxants
    • Regional Anesthesia
    • Intravenous Agents-Benzodiazepines, Hypnotics, Opiods
  • Perianesthesia Fluid Management and Resuscitation
  • Patient Comfort
    • Pain/Comfort Management
    • Postanesthesia Nausea and Vomiting
  • Thermoregulation
  • Age Specific Competencies
  • Postoperative Education and Teaching
  • Legal Documentation
  • Transcultural Nursing
  • Mentoring

Professional/Staff Development and Continuing Education at NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases

NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases’ Division of Professional Development provides high-quality professional development courses and training for its entire nursing staff. As an approved provider of continuing nursing education by the New York State Nurses Association, NYU HJD provide contact hours related to leadership, medical-surgical, pediatric, critical care and procedural sedation training and/or development programs. The Professional Development division’s commitment to promote and sustain continuous staff development raises the bar of professional growth and improvement of safe patient practices. Learning activities are design based on the learning need assessments provided annually. To ensure that nursing personnel are current and updated in their knowledge with the continuous evolution of patient care, the nurse educators plan, manage and teach in the classroom and unit-based settings.

Opportunities in Nursing Education Include:

  • Orientation
  • Professional growth of nursing leadership
  • HANYS Webinars
  • Development of nurses
    • OR Training Program
    • PACU Training Program
    • Pediatric Monitored Bed (Telemetry) Training Program
    • Medical-Surgical Training Program (Telemetry)
    • Procedural Sedation
    • Basic EKG Reading and Cardiac Arrhythmia Interpretation
    • BCLS (renewal)
  • Nursing grand rounds
  • Continuing education
  • Education Fairs
  • Development of e-learning modules
    • APEX Innovations
    • ECCO Program
  • In-service planning and education
    • Classroom based
    • Unit-based
  • Preceptor/mentoring