WE BELIEVE that high quality nursing requires commitment and dedication to a caring, healing environment for patients and staff alike, sensitive to the meaning of illness to the individual as defined by cultural, ethnic, and spiritual values and beliefs, and is grounded in sound ethical principles.

WE BELIEVE that delivery of care embraces interdisciplinary collaboration with other members of the health care team in the integration of diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative, and palliative care.

WE BELIEVE that excellent nursing care encompasses education of the patient/family/significant others and is individualized to their needs, goals, language, wishes, and includes disclosure of their options presented to them at that point of their readiness to learn and to use the information.

WE BELIEVE that nursing practice occurs within a dynamic context of increasing technology, innovation, and rapid information exchange, requiring critical thinking, synthesis of data, and effective planning, implementation, and evaluation.

WE BELIEVE that the safest patient care and healthiest work environment values the skill of direct care providers and occurs in an open, flexible culture that is ever-engaged in improvement and honest discussion.

WE BELIEVE that all care providers strive to perform in the safest manner, but even the best may make errors; should this occur, an approach to disclosure occurs that supports the patient/family and care provider. We believe that error review must focus on a non-punitive assessment and improvement of systems.

WE BELIEVE that professional practice is based on competency in information literacy, the best available evidence, use of research, consistent standards of care, and patient/family choice.

WE BELIEVE that professional practice built upon the knowledge base of baccalaureate education, coupled with supportive guidance, opportunities to develop enhanced competencies, participation in decision-making and recognition for accomplishments, provides for increasing autonomy and satisfaction of our nurses.