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International Performing Arts Injury Reporting System (IPAIRS) Project

There is currently no standard injury surveillance system used by the dance science community.  In 2004, the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science  launched the Standard Measures Consensus Initiative to establish such a system. The Harkness Center for Dance Injuries, part of the NYU Langone Medical Center in new York City, has created the International Performing Arts Injury Reporting System (IPAIRS) under the direction of Dr. Marijeanne Liederbach, to be used industry-wide as a secure and methodical way to collect dance injury and screening information. This will allow better comparability between data, create standardized screening tools for the dance science community, and improve efforts towards injury prevention, given that it will be easier to analyze trends between injury incidence and risk factors.

If you're interested in contributing to the IPAIRS project, please contact Leigh Schanfein ( or visit