About the Faculty

The Program Faculty include a dedicated cadre of individuals who will provide intellectually curious and highly motivated postdoctoral fellows with the rigorous training and mentoring they require to embark upon and ultimately establish productive biomedical research careers. The faculty benefits from cohesiveness as well as intellectual and diversity. The majority of Program Faculty have appointments in the Division of Cardiology yet there is representation from multiple academic units throughout NYU including other divisions within Medicine, Pediatric Cardiology, Radiology, Cell Biology, Pharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscience, Microbiology, the Skirball Institute and the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. This diversity promotes multidisciplinary training.

Expertise extends from the most basic studies of molecular and cellular biology and genetics through translational studies of novel therapeutics, to clinical research, including trial design and healthcare delivery. This diversity, which incorporates elements of bedside-to-clinic (T2) (or second phase translational research) and clinic-to-population (T3) research provides prospective trainees with opportunities that encompass the full extent of cardiovascular investigation.

Primary Mentors will serve as the primary research mentors and lead the mentoring teams for trainees. They have each made substantial contributions to biomedical investigation and have strong records as mentors. Associated Mentors have worked collaboratively with Primary Mentors and often served as co-mentors on multi-disciplinary projects. These individuals provide additional depth to our training program and will serve on mentoring teams when appropriate to enrich the trainee's experience and foster broad, multidisciplinary approaches to research.

Primary Mentors

Glenn I. Fishman, MD – Medicine (Cardiology) – Program Director
Leon Axel, MD, PhD – Radiology
Jeffrey Berger, MD – Medicine (Cardiology) 
William A. Coetzee, PhD – Pediatrics (Pediatric Cardiology)
Bruce Cronstein, MD – Medicine (Clinical Pharm) – Steering Committee 
Mario Delmar, MD, PhD – Medicine (Cardiology)
Edward A. Fisher, MD, PhD – Medicine (Cardiology) – Steering Committee
Michael Garabedian, PhD – Microbiology
Judith S. Hochman, MD – Medicine (Cardiology), Program Co-Director
Stuart Katz, MD – Medicine (Cardiology) – Steering Committee
Kathryn Moore, PhD – Medicine (Cardiology)
Gregory E. Morley, PhD – Medicine (Cardiology)
Evgeny Nudler, PhD – Biochemistry 
Gbenga Ogedegbe, MD – Medicine (General Internal Medicine)
Charles S. Peskin, PhD – Mathematical Sciences 
Silvia G. Priori, MD, PhD – Medicine (Cardiology)
Daniel Rifkin, MD – Cell Biology

Associated Mentors

Larry Chinitz, MD – Medicine (Cardiology)
Frederick Feit, MD – Medicine (Cardiology)
Boyce Griffith, PhD – Medicine (Cardiology)
Martha J. Radford, MD – Medicine (Cardiology)
Harmony Reynolds, MD – Medicine (Cardiology)
Steven Sedlis, MD – Medicine (Cardiology)
Mark D. Schwartz, MD – Medicine (General Internal Medicine) – Internal Advisory Committee
James Slater, MD – Medicine (Cardiology)
Richard A. Stein, MD – Medicine (Cardiology)