Categorical Training

NYU's Categorical Residency Program in Internal Medicine offers applicants an option to select between two tailored categorical training tracks: The NYU Traditional Categorical Track or the NYU Tisch-Kimmel Categorical Track. Both categorical tracks are part of our 3-year training program rich in academic excellence and diversity across three inpatient settings: Bellevue Hospital, Tisch Hospital, and the New York Harbor Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Our outpatient experiences expand these opportunities to include over 30 NYU ambulatory affiliated practices.  No other program provides residents the opportunity to serve patients across this diversity of settings in such close proximity. This environment not only creates the most skilled clinicians, but also fosters a unique atmosphere of collaboration between the faculty, housestaff and students. The balance of academic excellence, service, and camaraderie are the strongest aspect of our residency program. The NYU Residency program produces physicians who obtain the most competitive fellowship positions, and move on to outstanding careers which focus on rigorous science, clinical excellence, and humanistic care.

The “NYU Traditional Categorical Track” consists of approximately 30 categorical residents per year. Residents in this track will spend approximately 60% of their rotations at Bellevue, and 40% at Tisch and the VA hospitals. With a more focused experience at Bellevue, residents will work alongside physicians dedicated to the social mission of the city’s largest hospital, where no patient is every turned away. Through rotations that balance autonomy and supervision, residents in the NYU-Bellevue Track learn to care for the most complex patients across a variety of healthcare delivery systems.

The new “NYU Tisch-Kimmel Categorical Track” will consist of 15-18 residents for July 2017. These residents will spend approximately 60% of their rotations at Tisch-Kimmel, and 40% at Bellevue and the VA hospitals. Focusing more of their time at Tisch, these residents will work in tertiary and subspecialty care teams across our expanding programs in cardiovascular disease, lung and liver transplantation, and inflammatory bowel disease. Residents will have opportunities to care for medically complex patients and engage in research with our expert faculty. As the nation’s #1 hospital for quality and safety, residents in this track will participate to a greater degree in projects related to quality, value, and safety.

NYU offers two categorical tracks to provide applicants with the opportunity to prioritize what they consider an optimal environment for their personal learning styles. We firmly believe that building communities of trainees brought together by common interest results in a richer environment for learning, feedback, mentorship, and academic pursuits.  

Training within any of the NYU Internal Medicine Residency Program tracks will serve as a springboard for a successful academic career. All of our residents will be expected to participate in scholarship and research. Graduates from each track will be equally qualified to pursue subspecialty fellowships.

Average Percent Time Spent at each Hospital by Training Track

Average Percent Time Spent at each Hospital by Training Track