Clinician Investigator Track

Dr. Elizabeth Weinshel monitors simulated clinical consultation.

About the Program

The NYU Internal Medicine Clinical Investigator Program (CIP) is designed to provide in-depth training and mentoring for physicians who envision academic careers involving translational, clinical, and population-based research. We expect graduates of the NYU Internal Medicine CIP to have all the tools necessary to successfully transition into independent careers in academic medicine and to be at the forefront in making new discoveries that improve patient care. The program includes three years of internal medicine residency training, with time devoted to research during those years. Successful trainees will have the opportunity to continue their research training during their fellowships at NYULMC.

Mentoring is a critical element of our investment in the CIP trainees. Each trainee will receive extensive mentoring from a preselected group of physician-scientists and physician clinical investigators committed to the mentoring process. The primary mentor will meet with each CIP trainee regularly each year throughout the duration of their training period and will oversee the career development of each trainee. A primary research mentor will be from the subspecialty area of interest of the trainee and will be responsible for directly overseeing the research both during residency and fellowship training at NYULMC. In addition to the primary mentor, a carefully selected mentoring committee will be tailored to each trainee and provide additional scientific input and provide career advice and guidance.

The CIP program is closely integrated into all clinical and translational resources at NYU School of Medicine, which include major collaborations with the NYU Clinical Translational Science Institute, Department of Population Health, and Cardiovascular Clinical Research Center.

Each trainee will also have the opportunity to enroll in a variety of programs that are designed to provide the tools necessary to become successful physician-investigators. In addition, all trainees will enroll in INTREPID—(INtensive Training in Research statistics, Ethics and Protocol Informatics and Design), which is a 3.5 week course with an intensive curriculum covering clinical and research methods, biostatistics, bioinformatics and programing, and ethical conduction of research. Trainees who transition into the fellowship at NYU will have the opportunity to enroll in the Masters of Science in Clinical Investigation Program (MSCIP) after completion of their required clinical training. The MSCIP is a two-year for credit program that provides additional training that is complementary to INTREPID and incorporates the research projects and mentoring outlined above. For trainees interested in comparative effectiveness research, the Comparitive Effectiveness Research Program is a didactic program designed to provide all the necessary tools to perform independent research in this area.

Trainees who successfully complete all aspects of the program will obtain a clinical research certificate for completion of INTREPID and a master’s degree in clinical research from NYU after completion of MSCIP.

Application Process

We encourage applicants with strong commitments to research careers to apply to the NYU Internal Medicine CIP Program. In addition to the standard application submitted through ERAS, applicants should submit a secondary application. 

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