Shopsin Lab Group

Bo Shopsin, MD, PhD, and members of his lab group.

Bo Shopsin, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Departments of Medicine and Microbiology

Alexandria Center for Life Science - West Tower
430 East 29th Street, Room 305         
New York, NY 10016          
Office: 212-263-9039        
Lab: 212-263-0458           
Fax: 212-263-9180          
Email: Bo Shopsin

Key Words:

Staphyloocccus aureus; microbial pathogenesis, quorum sensing, colonization, transmission, mucosal immunity.


Biographic Details:

Medical Education: MD, NYU School of Medicine in 2001
Graduate Education: PhD in Microbiology in 2000, NYU School of Medicine
Postdoctoral Training: 2007-2009, NYU School of Medicine under Richard Novick
Academic Responsibilities: 2012-Present, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Microbiology

Research Interests:

Our lab is focused on understanding the adaptive changes in S. aureus that take place during infection. An integrated approach is used that incorporates new technologies to detect low abundance variants in pooled bacterial populations, traditional bacterial and evolutionary genetics, andmolecular population genetic analysis. A special focus of these studies is on the identification of within-host variation in the agr locus, a global regulator of virulence in S. aureus. agr mutants are attenuated for virulence in animal models of infection, and the majority of clinical isolates have afunctional agr locus. However, agr-defective strains are frequently recovered from patients with a variety of hospital-acquired infections, suggesting that the occurrence of these strains may be favored under certain in vivo conditions. This work is motivated by practical questions in infectious diseases (such as the best use of antimicrobials that target agr and virulence), as well as more basic yet closely intertwined questions, such as how to explain the alterations that are responsible for adaptive changes at different stages of S. aureus infections.

Lab Members:

Richard Copin, PhD
Assistant Research Professor
Ami Patel, MD
Pediatrics ID Fellow
Yi Fulmer, PhD
Research Scientist
Mary Decker
Research Coordinator



Past Postdocs:

Name; level Term Present or last known position
Simon Agolory, MD; Infectious Diseases Fellow 2008-2009 Lieutenant, Epidemic Intelligence Service, CDC, Atlanta, GA
Davida Smyth, PhD; Postdoctoral Fellow 2010-present Asst. Prof, City Tech
Tiffany Otto, MD; Infectious Diseases Fellow 2010-2011 Weill Cornell, Pediatrics
Angelena Labella, MD; Infectious Diseases Fellow 2011-12 Instructor, Internal Medicine, Columbia Presbyterian
John Chen, Ph.D.; Postdoctoral fellow 2014-15 Assistant Prof in Microbiology, School of Medicine, National University of Singapore

Past Students/Other:

Name; level Term Present or last known position
Christian Eaton; Medical Student (Honors Thesis) 2008-2009 Hospitalist, Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle, WA
Gregory Wasserman; Masters Student 2009-2011 Ph.D. candidate, Boston Univ., Boston, MA
Lili Velickovi; Medical Student (Honors Thesis) 2010-2011 Medical student, Karolinsa, Stockholm, Sweden
Ramya Gopal; Masters student 2011-2013 Research Assistant, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
Hannah Rose; Technician 2011-2013 Ph.D., Penn State, Chemistry

Contacting the lab (USPS and direct deliveries)
Alexandria Center for Life Science - West Tower           
430 East 29th Street, Lab 324        
New York, NY 10016


The Shopsin lab is located in the Alexandria West Tower Building. View Google map.