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A few members of the current Blaser Lab Group staff
A few members of the current Blaser Lab Group staff.

The Blaser Lab Group alumni list contains the names of many outstanding research scientists around the world. The Blaser Lab Group web staff is compiling additional information for this matrix including research interests and projects, where alumni are currently working, current contact information, etc. The BLG website is in the process of being reformatted. When this process is completed we will be able to include this information for every former lab member for which we have data. If you are a former member of the lab, please send us the following information, and, if possible, a photo and these will be included in the next update. If your name appears here and information is incorrect or missing please send us a correction:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • When you worked in the lab and duration
  • Position/Institution at the time of entering lab
  • Approximate titles of projects
  • Current position/institution
  • Website of institution or personal research-related website
  • Comments
  • Photos (either at the time of work in lab or current or both)

Please send this information to Carl Glenn. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

Name with link to email address (where available) Time in lab Where working now
Abu Dabrh, Abd Moain Feb. 2009 – April, 2010 Research Fellow and associate at the Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies at CTSI and Tufts Medical Center, Boston, MA
Alpízar Alpízar, Warner November, 2003 PhD Student, University of Bergen, Norway
Andersson, Malin    
Ando, Takafumi   Nagoya University School of Medicine, Department of Therapeutic Medicine, Nagoya Japan
Aras, Rahul   Juventas Therapeutics, Inc. 10000 Cedar Avenue Cleveland, OH 44106
Atherton, John 1993 - 1995 Professor of Gastroenterology, University of Nottingham
Berenson, Julia Summer, 2007 Research Associate, London School of Economics, program in international health policy
Bhat, Niranjan   Assistant Professor, Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Johns Hopkins Children’s Center
Bowers, Andrea 1999 - 2000 Senior Clinical Associate, Orthopaedic Surgery Weill Cornell Medical College
Bradley, Ellen R.    
Camorlinga, Margarita   Unidad de Investigacion en Enfermedades Infecciosas, Hospital de Pediatría, CMN SXXI, Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social
Cancel, Jeanette    
Choucino, Carlos    
Coria, Rafael    
Cover, Timothy 1988 - 1992 Professor of Medicine, Vanderbilt University
Crosatti, Marialuisa    
Dominguez-Bello, Maria G.   Associate Professor, University of Puerto Rico
Drake (Puryear Drake) Wonder Summer, 2001  
Dworkin, Joel    
Eamranond, Pracha Peter 2001  
Ellison, Richard (Dick) 1981 - 1989  
El-Omar, Emad 1997 - 1998 Professor of Gastroenterology/Honorary Consultant Physician, Aberdeen University, Scotland UK
Emara, Walid    
Fauchere, Jean Louis 1988 - 1989  
Feingold-Link, Elana Two summers  
Fujimoto, Shuji    
Gaensbauer, James    
Ghose, Chandrabali  
Postdoctoral fellow, Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center - Rockefeller University
Goldman, Cinthia G. 2004 Instructor, Postdoctoral researcher / Radioisotopes Laboratory, Physics Department, School of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Buenos Aires, Junín 956 (1113) Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Gonzalez, Elvira Garza    
Gunn, Jennifer Summer 2007  
Haley, Connie    
Hopkins, Janet  
Prof. Research Asst, UCHSC, Aurora Colorado
Horstman, Kaye    
Hosse, Beverly    
Huang, Shuyan    
Imperato, Anna    
Jani, Rachana    
Janoff, Edward   Professor of Medicine and Microbiology; Director, Mucosal and Vaccine Research Center (MAVRC); Univ. of Colorado Denver; Denver VA Medical Center
Jones, Marcus  
Staff Scientist, JCVI
Kang, Josephine    
Keenan, Jacqui    
Keo, Thormika   2008 graduate of the NYU Medical Scientist Training Program, now in practicing medicine in Stamford, CA
Kim Seok Yong    
Kobayashi Kenskue    
Krishana, Uma    
Kuipers, Ernst    
Lambert, Wm. Marcus    
Lee, Inohk 2004 - 2009  
Lee, Kerry Jo    
Lee, Yongchan    
Levine, Steven    
Long (nee Fannon), Megan 2005 - 2006  
Lu, Xiaohua    
Maw, Anna    
Mcgowan, Cathy    
Minano Cecilia    
Misawa, Naoaki    
Mishu-Allos, Ban    
Mourad, Michelle    
Ng, Enders    
Olivares, Asalia Z.    
Paulino, Luciana    
Peek, Richard    
Perlman, Daniel    
Persuh, Marjam    
Peters, Alison 2008  
Pohl, Mary Ann    
Portal-Celhay, Cynthia    
Pride, David    
Rodriguez, Josanna    
Romero, Judy    
Roper, Jatin 2005 - 2008  
Ross, Elizabeth    
Sabbaghian, Shirin    
Sanabria-Valentin, Edgardo 2002 - 2008  
Search, Jenny    
Shak, Joshua R.   MD/PhD Student, Emory University School of Medicine
Silva, Lindsey    
Sozzi, Michele 1999-2000 Professor of Gastroenterology, University Hospital of Trieste, Italy
Takata, Tohru    
Thompson, Stuart 1992 - 1999
Associate Professor / Dept. of Biochem. & Mol. Biol. / Medical College of Georgia
Torres (nee Montendeo), Eugenia    
Trujillo, Veronica    
Tu, Zheng-Chao    
Tummuru, Murali    
Valencia, Gerardo Gonzalez    
Weitz, Andrea    
Wong, Chris   3rd Year Medical Student at the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus
Ye, Weimin    
Zhou, Meisheng    
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