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Dr. Guillermo Perez Perez


Dr. Guillermo Perez Perez, Prinicpal Investigator

Associate Professor of Medicine & Microbiology


The study of the human microbiome. To obtain and integrate microbiomic, metagenomic and epigenomic microbial data with host data to help to understand the relationship between perturbation of the human microbiome and its effects on immune and metabolic functions.

My major interest continues to be in bacterial infections with a particular emphasis in Helicobacter pylori. However, we have great interest in the study of the human microbiome and we are currently involved in research on the effect of antibiotics in obesity as well as the effect of antimicrobials in trigger metabolic syndrome using mouse as an animal model.

I am coordinating several of these projects that are mainly associated with the gut and stomach microbiome. In addition, we are also interested in the study of the skin microbiome in health and in disease status such as psoriasis, atrophic dermatitis and others. We are also study the gut and skin microbiome in patients with breast cancer to assess the effect of chemo- and radiotherapy on the gut and skin microbiome. Our lab has the expertise in key research areas such as regular PCR and qPCR, sequencing, application of microarray and RNA seq. Furthermore, we have expanded our research to start sequencing using shotgun approach.


I got my D.Sc. degree in Mexico city in June 1985, and my M.C. degree in August 1982. I was appointed to NYU School of Medicine in July 2000.

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Dr. Guillermo Ignacio Perez Perez


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