Written Responses to Spotlight Interview: Katy Wesnousky

Q&A with Katy Wesnousky

Tell us briefly what spurred your interest in medicine and medical administration?
I was premed in college, and actually never knew about medical administration until I got a job at UC-Davis as a financial analyst.

You came to us from California.  What brought you back East?
Initially because both of my kids were on the East Coast, but once I met the folks at NYU I really wanted to come.  Plus who needs palm trees anyways.

You manage an extremely large and diverse department.  What was your biggest challenge when you arrived?
Other than Hurricane Sandy?  I would say building the right infrastructure with the right staff.  Without that I couldn’t do my job.  It’s about the terrific people you surround yourself with.

What do you see as the greatest change in the DOM since you've been here?
To me there’s an excitement and vibrancy amongst the faculty and staff, and a feeling that we’re building a great department that’s part of an institution that’s on the move.

What would your colleagues be most surprised to learn about you?
I was a fly half on the founding Smith College rugby team.