Message from the Director

Doreen Addrizzo-Harris, MD

Interim Director, NYU Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine

The Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine at NYU School of Medicine is based at Bellevue Hospital Center, the home of the Bellevue Chest Service. This is where J. Burns Amberson M.D. began Pulmonary Medicine training in the 1930s based upon clinical excellence in managing tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis and emphysema, pulmonary infections, sarcoidosis, and other lung diseases. He recruited basic and physiologic scientists such as Andre Cournand M.D. who pioneered clinical and translational science investigation in humans. Dr. Cournand and colleagues introduced catheters into the heart to measure right-sided pressures in chronic lung diseases. They also investigated respiratory physiology principles leading to a shared Nobel Prize in 1956. Dr. Amberson designed one of the first randomized clinical trials hypothesizing that intramuscular gold would have an effect on tuberculosis (this was one of the first negative clinical trials published).

Dr. Amberson has been memorialized by the prestigious Amberson Lecture in his name at the annual ATS international meeting. The NYU program is at four hospitals including the New York Veteran’s Administration Hospital (Manhattan), the Hospital for Joint Diseases, and Tisch, the University Hospital of NYU. The Bellevue Chest Service continues to this day and has its own inpatient service with internal medicine residents spread over two wards for acute lung diseases and the management of complex tuberculosis cases including some of the most challenging multi-drug resistant cases. Since 1989, the overall Division has been headed by William N. Rom M.D., MPH., the Sol and Judith Bergstein Professor of Medicine and Environmental Medicine. Over 60 full-time faculty are in the Division.


The fellowship, which graduates six trainees each year, is a three-year program. Over 100 graduates of the fellowship have matriculated and graduated under Dr. Rom. Our NIEHS T32 training grant, now in its 15th year, has supported 37 fellows, with 32 remaining in academic medicine. There are 30 mentors drawn from Pulmonary Medicine, Environmental Medicine, and the basic sciences. The Division works closely with the 45 full-time faculty in Environmental Medicine and 155 faculty in the Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences.

Division Goals

The major goals of the Division are: first, providing an outstanding clinical pulmonary and critical care training program, second, serving our hospitals with superb patient care, and third, seeking NIH and other support to maintain and increase the basic and clinical/translational research program. Dr. Doreen Addrizzo-Harris directs the Fellowship programs. She supervises the weekly Pulmonary and Critical Care Grand Rounds, and the weekly Clinical Conference. We also have many other conferences covering Tuberculosis, Lung Cancer, Thoracic Surgery/Oncology, Pathology, etc. Dr. Rom has led the weekly Molecular and Cell Biology Conference for 17 years.

New Programs and Facilities

Bellevue has recently completed an I.M. Pei-designed Ambulatory Care Building that houses our Chest Clinic, Asthma Clinic, and World Trade Center Dust Environmental Health Center. Dr. Rany Condos directs the Chest Clinic and Dr. Joan Reibman directs the Asthma Clinic and WTC Dust Environmental Health Center.

Bellevue has invested $20M in a state-of-the-art Critical Care 10th floor that is the envy of hospitals along the East Coast. Dr. David Chong directs our Bellevue Critical Care program, and Dr. Laura Evans directs the MICU. Both are hard salary positions! Tisch, the University Hospital of NYU, is currently renovating its Critical Care Medicine floors. The Manhattan VA has built a new Ambulatory Care Building and the first–year fellows attend Chest Clinic there.

The NYU Sleep Disorders Center is housed in Bellevue and is led by outstanding clinical investigators Drs. David Rapoport, Ana Krieger, and Joyce Walsleben. The world-renowned Physiology Laboratory at Bellevue is directed by Roberta Goldring M.D., a recent recipient of the ATS Outstanding Leadership Award. Dr. David Ost directs the Bronchoscopy and Interventional Pulmonology Services at both Bellevue and Tisch Hospitals.


The very productive faculty has published more than 100 papers annually in peer-reviewed journals. William N. Rom M.D., MPH has edited four editions of the textbook Environmental and Occupational Medicine now published by Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, and two editions with Stuart Garay M.D. of Tuberculosis. Research emphasis includes TB/HIV with Michael Weiden M.D. and Yoshi Hoshino M.D., Ph.D.

They and Dr. Condos work on the NHLBI-funded Host Response to TB and AIDS with the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Over 100 TB patients have been entered into a clinical trial with interferon-gamma at the UCT Lung Institute with clinical activities at Groote Schuur Hospital.

Dr. Rom also serves as Program Director of the General Clinical Research Center in Bellevue that focuses research on bronchoalveolar lavage, study design and biostatistics, bioinformatics and data base development, etc. Dr. Rom directs the NCI-funded NYU Lung Cancer Biomarker Center with Alissa Greenberg M.D. identifying biomarkers that may assist early diagnosis of lung cancer particularly in the context of CT screening. The Asthma Laboratories at Bellevue are directed by Dr. Reibman focusing on the response to diesel particulate by airway epithelial cells and dendritic cells. The Lung Cancer Gene Therapy Laboratories are directed by John Hay M.D. at the VA and focus on adenoviral vectors and p53 and apoptosis. The Interstitial Lung Disease and TGF-beta Laboratory is directed by John Munger, M.D. with the Department of Cell Biology. The Pulmonary Laboratories directed by Dr. Rom in the Medical Science Building are studying basic mechanisms of lung cancer and interstitial and airway lung diseases including transgenic mice and stem cells.

This is a highly interactive, collegial Pulmonary and Critical Care Program with a commitment to public service and excellence. New York University has developed a MPH Program in Global Public Health reflecting much of the spirit of our Division. With the clinical variety at Bellevue, and our varied research programs, NYU/Bellevue provides unique opportunities for fellowship training.