Post-Doctoral Training

The Center has positions for Postdoctoral Researchers to work on autonomic function at NYU Langone Medical Center. Our Laboratory focuses on research and treatment in autonomic disorders. Postdoctoral Researchers will be responsible for planning and carrying out experiments aimed at understanding the role of autonomic dysfunction in disorders of afferent, central, and efferent baroreflex dysfunction. Researchers will be involved in the analysis of novel treatment trials aimed at modifying autonomic activity in patients with heart failure and hereditary neuropathies. Postdoctoral Researchers will be expected to expand on-going research projects, develop independent research interests in the neural control of autonomic regulation, present work at conferences, and publish in the literature. 

Successful candidates must have a PhD in Cardiovascular Physiology (or related area) or an MD with research experience and an excellent academic track record for the present stage of their career. Experience in human physiological measurements is an advantage. Candidates need the drive and experience to work independently as well as part of a team.

Interested applicants should send a CV, letter of intent, and 2 references to:

Lucy Norcliffe-Kaufmann, PhD
Dysautonomia Center
530 First Avenue, Suite 9Q
New York, NY 10016
Phone: 212-263-7225
Fax: 646-754-9647