Night Float

CN1 Residents

During the CN1 year, our residents participate in the same call pool as the adult neurology residents, with night and weekend services that include a night-float system for overnight call during the week. Residents are included in the call rotation covering all adult neurology sites including NYU Langone Tisch Hospital, Bellevue Hospital, and the VA Hospital.

CN2/CN3 Residents

CN2 and CN3 child neurology residents supervise calls from home by telephone and pager while in-house neurology residents attend to any urgent or emergent consults or other clinical matters. If necessary, on rare occasions the child neurology residents would be expected to come in to the hospital to help the junior residents and pediatricians if the situation so demands.

All residents are provided with a minimum of one day in seven free from all clinical, educational and administrative duties, with beeper off.