Dysautonomia Center News


Jun - Staff participate in Familial Dysautonomia Day 2015

May - Dr. Kaufmann speaks at the New York Academy of Sciences

Apr - Dr. Kaufmann gives course at the American Academy of Neurology on treatment of autonomic disorders

Apr - Staff contribute to special issue of Clinical Autonomic Research focused on MSA

Apr - Paper published on managing symptoms of neurogenic orthostatic hypotension

Mar - Paper published in the Annals of Neurology defining autonomic features of HSAN type IV

Feb - Dr. Kaufmann speaks as international faculty at the Movement Disorders Meeting, Austria

Jan - The Center holds the first respiratory consensus meeting at NYU


Dec - Dr. Felicia Axelrod retires

Nov - Dr. Fuente Mora wins poster prize award at the American Autonomic Society Meeting

Nov - Dr. Kaufmann takes part in MSA RoadMap meeting

Sep - Update for the pharmacological treamtent of familial dysautonomia published

Oct - Dr. Horacio Kaufmann takes part in NIH Blueprint Progam for new neurotherapuetics

Sep - Dr. Horacio Kaufmann gives Grand Rounds on FD

Sep - Dr. Joel Gutierrez gives Grand Rounds on FD

Aug - Christy Spalink joins our Team 

Aug - Dr. Kaufmann publishes results of clinical trial of droxidopa in Neurology

Aug - Dr. Alberto Palma writes about control of the heart for Neurology

Aug - New Article on FD explains swallowing problems

Jul - Research into affectionate touch sensation in FD

Jun - The Center's Fellowship receives accreditation from the United Council of Neurological Subspecialites

May - Positive exposure photography exhibition opens at New York University School of Medicine

Mar - Researchers gather for 2014 International Familial Dysautonomia Research Conference in New York 

Mar - Dr. Horacio Kaufmann serves as international faculty at Movement Disorders conference

Mar - Dr. Horacio Kaufmann invited to Mayo Clinic as visiting professor

Feb - Dr. Horacio Kaufmann and Dr. Lucy Norcliffe-Kaufmann give a course on medical genetics at MGH


Oct - Dr. Norcliffe-Kaufmann awarded a grant from the MSA-Coalition 

Nov - Dr. Marta Naranjo participates in our Observer Program

Oct - The Center expands research into the eye