Uptown/Downtown Meeting

The School of Medicine and Center for Neural Science jointly host meetings that feature student and postdoc research presentations as an added opportunity to learn about the work being conducted across both campuses. Our next Uptown/Downtown will be held in the Fall.

Previous Uptown/Downtown meetings

Thursday, December 12, 2014

Huan Ma, Tsien Lab, Informing the nucleus about neuronal activity via long-range delivery of a CaM signal
Eli Merriam, Heeger Lab, Probing fine structure with a blunt tool? Decoding orientation with fMRI
Todd Mowery, Sanes Lab, The critical period of recovery for auditory cortex inhibitory synapses
Adrien Peyrache, Buzsaki Lab, Self-organized mechanisms of the head direction sense

5 - 8 pm, Smilow Seminar Room, NYU Medical Center

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Aaron Bornstein, Daw lab - Towards a role for memory sampling in reward-guided decision making
Daniela Vallentin, Long lab - Neuronal mechanisms underlying the performance of a learned complex behavior
Robbe Goris, Movshon and Simoncelli labs - Analysis of sensory neural data with a modulated Poisson model
Robin Tremblay, Rudy lab - The monogamy of thalamocortical feed-forward inhibition

5 - 7 pm, Meyer Hall, Room 815, 4 Washington Place

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Emanuela Santini, Klann Lab - eIF4E-transgenic mice as a novel animal model of autism spectrum disorders
Bianca Jones, Froemke Lab - Oxytocin-based neuromodulation of social behavior
Kenway Louie, Glimcher Lab - Divisive normalization, value coding, and the efficiency of choice
Julia Brandt, Ringstad Lab - Specification of the CO2-chemosensitive neurons of C. elegans

6 – 8 pm, Alumni Lecture Hall A (Ground Floor), NYU Medical Center (NYUMC map)
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sebnem Tuncdemir, Fishell Lab - Circuit mapping Martinotti interneuron connectivity in the developing cortex
Sarah Stern, Alberini Lab - The role of the Insulin-Like Growth Factor family in memory enhancement
Monica Dus, PhD, Suh Lab - Dissection of the neural mechanisms underlying glucose and calorie sensing in Drosophila
Jeremy Freeman, Heeger/Simoncelli/Movshon Labs - Probing fine structure with a blunt tool: decoding orientation with fMRI

6 – 8 pm, Washington Square campus - Flyer

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ben Collins, Blau Lab - Decoding the logic of a minimal circadian neural circuit
Natalia Demarco, Fishell Lab - Activity-dependent maturation of GABAergic interneurons
Linnaea Ostroff, Ledoux Lab - Structural changes at amygdala synapses with fear and safety learning
Freddy Jeanneteau, Chao Lab - Signaling intersection between BDNF and glucocorticoids: Implications for the neuro-endocrine response to stress

6 – 8 pm, NYU Medical Center

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jason Chalifoux, Carter Lab - GABAb receptors modulate NMDA receptor calcium signals at dendritic spines
Peter Hallock, Burden Lab - Dok-7 and Crk/Crk-L act downstream from MuSK to regulate neuromuscular synapse formation
Sophie Restituito, Ziff Lab - Activity-regulated proteolysis of APP and cadherins by matrix metalloproteinases
and γ-secretase at synapses
Arielle Tambini, Divachi Lab - Human brain activity during rest and memory for recent experiences

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eric Hargreaves, Suzuki Lab - Trial outcome neuronal signals in the medial temporal lobe of non-human primates during associative learning
Bob Johnston, Desplan Lab - Control of noisy rhodopsin gene expression ensures robustness in the fly eye
Ilya Kruglikov, Rudy Lab
Vitor Sousa, Fishell Lab - The role of Nkx2-1 in the temporal specification of cortical interneuron subtypes

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vitaly Klyachko - Presynaptic mechanisms of plasticity and information processing
Anne-Marie Oswald, Reyes Lab - Spatial profile of fast-spiking interneuron mediated inhibition in mouse primary auditory cortex
Carla Taveggia, Salzer Lab - Type III Neuregulin-1 is an essential regulator of PNS and CNS myelination
Maria Ter-Mikaelian, Sanes and Semple Labs - Temporal processing of synthetic and natural sounds in awake gerbil auditory cortex

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Simon Butt, Fishell Lab - Switching the fate of inhibition in the mouse neocortex
Ilan Dinstein, Heeger Lab - Characterizing the human mirror system
Chuck Hoeffer, Klann Lab - Neuronal signaling that enhances memory: too much of a good thing?
Edward Zagha, Rudy Lab - Spinocerebellar ataxia gene regulating Purkinje cell excitability and signaling