External Neurolysis (peripheral nerve disorders)

Nerves normally move (translate) across bones and muscles when you move your limbs. If scarring occurs, it may trap a nerve, so that when you move your limb, it stretches the nerve causing nerve damage, pain, and internal scarring of the nerve. An external neurolysis is when you remove this scar tissue around the nerve without entering it.

Although some scar tissue inevitably occurs with surgery, it is usually not as much as that which occurs after certain traumatic injuries. Therefore, the goal of this surgery is to provide a friendly environment for an irritated nerve.

External Neurolysis Patient with a displaced
femur fracture and sciatic
nerve injury. The exposed
sciatic nerve (lifted in two
rubber loops, above), is
trapped in heavy scar
tissue. An external neurolysis
was performed removing this
scar tissue (below). A branch
to the hamstring muscles
can be seen crossing the
midportion of the sciatic nerve.






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