Michal Gilon-Yanai, Associate Director, Biomedical Entrepreneurship Program

Michal Gilon-Yanai Michal received a BA in computer science and an LLB in Law from Tel Aviv University, followed by an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. Until her recruitment to NYU in 2016, Michal managed two entrepreneurship programs at MIT - the Entrepreneurship Educators Forum (http://www.eef.io/), a program she co-launched at the MIT entrepreneurship center, and the Translational Fellows Program (http://www.rle.mit.edu/translational/), a year- long fellowship and training program for MIT postdocs interested in exploring the commercial potential of their research. Prior to that, she was the founding executive director of the MBA Innovation & Entrepreneurship track at IDC, Israel. Michal brings to NYU a keen understanding of entrepreneurship education and development. Having worked for several years at iMDsoft, a healthcare IT startup, finally serving as director of marketing and member of the company’s management team, she also has an understanding of real world business challenges facing startup companies. Michal has developed the NYU Entrepreneurship Program, to launch in the Spring of 2017.  This program is designed to accelerate the pace of commercialization of discoveries and inventions made at NYU, provide training and employment opportunities to postdoctoral research fellows, graduate students and faculty in the life sciences who wish to pursue careers in industry, and enable clinicians to pursue the commercialization of novel solutions to healthcare challenges.