Applied Research Support Fund (ARSF)

The Applied Research Support Fund (ARSF), managed by OIL, provides funding for commercially promising technologies from the NYU School of Medicine. The purpose of the ARSF is to encourage and promote the development of original research projects and technologies that have near-term potential for licensing and commercialization. To date, a total of $2.7M has been granted by NYU under the ARSF, and over $28M has been generated from subsequent licensing and commercialization.

PURPOSE The purpose of the Applied Research Support Fund (ARSF) is to encourage and promote the development of original research projects and technologies which have the near-term potential for licensing and commercialization. The Fund supports such activities as:

  • The further development of technologies (methodologies, therapies, devices, instrumentation, etc.) which have already demonstrated potential commercial appeal; and
  • Expanded research on promising new compounds, techniques etc. whose potential applications have not been fully developed.

SUPPORT Financial support from the Fund is meant to be used to hire technical assistance and to purchase adequate supplies in order to carry out the proposed work. Funds are not meant to supplement investigators salaries or to financially support graduate students. A maximum budget of $75,000 in direct costs may be requested. Funding is only for one year and cannot be renewed.

APPLICATION PROCESS AND ADMINISTRATION OF THE FUND Investigators who are full-time employees of the NYU School of Medicine are invited to submit a one page preliminary proposal prior to the initial deadline to the Office of Industrial Liaison. Preliminary proposals should provide a brief outline of the proposed project, indicate the stage of development of the research and convey pertinent information on its potential commercial applications. These proposals then will be reviewed by the ARSF Review Committee, which is appointed by the Dean and is composed of representatives of the NYUSoM faculty and external venture capital communities. Those investigators whose applications are considered most commercially promising will be invited to submit a full-length, detailed proposal.

The deadline for initial submission for 2018 is April 6.

Completed applications will be evaluated for scientific merit and commercial potential by the ARSF Review Committee.

REQUIREMENTS OF FUNDED INVESTIGATORS Successful applicants are required to submit a progress report at the end of the first 6 months of the project period, and a final report within a month of the end of the funding period. All funds must be used within one year of receiving the award. To ensure that potential patent rights are protected, before publishing or otherwise disclosing the results of studies supported by this fund, investigators are required to consult with Office of Industrial Liaison/Technology Transfer.