BioAccelerate NYC Prize

The BioAccelerate NYC Prize is a citywide competition that provides funding for biomedical research that has significant commercial promise. The New York City Investment Fund (NYCIF) sponsors the competition, with participation from the New York City Economic Development Corporation.

The goal is to make New York City a center of bioscience that will, in turn, create jobs in the five boroughs. The BioAccelerate NYC Prize is aimed towards research that has reached the "proof of concept" stage, but has not yet reached the point of commercialization. It's during this in-between stage, known as the "valley of death," that research often stalls due to lack of funding. The BioAccelerate NYC Prize aims to fill that void and enable vital healthcare initiatives to move forward. Prior NYU winners include Dr. Chuanju Liu (Medicine), Dr. Kalle Levon (NYU-Poly), Dr. Mark Philips (Medicine) and Dr. Ramanuj Dasgupta (Medicine). For more information, visit: Applications for the BioAccelerate NYC Prize must be submitted through OIL.