Colonic Irrigation Solution


Mark B. Pochapin, MD

Currently, colonoscopy is the most comprehensive method of colorectal cancer screening. In US alone there are 13 million colonoscopies are performed per year. Effective colorectal cancer screening relies on reliable colonoscopy findings which are themselves dependent on adequate bowel cleansing. Research has consistently demonstrated that inadequate bowel preparation adversely affects the adenoma detection rate and leads gastroenterologists to recommend earlier follow up that is consistent with published guidelines. Poor preparation affects as many as 30% of colonoscopies and contributes to an increased cost of colonoscopies. 

Currently, during colonoscopy, colonic irrigation is delivered through a colonoscope via a water pump utilizing normal saline solution. There is no available colonic irrigation solution that can provide improved visualization with chromo-endoscopy (Contrast dye), decreased bubbles within the colonic lumen and relaxation of the colonic musculature.

NYU inventor Dr. Mark B. Pochapin, has developed a unique colon irrigation solution called Colo-Cleanse, that would consist of a saline with active ingredients like indigo carmine dye that will help stain colorectal polyps and other lesions, Simethicone that will reduce bubbles within the colonic lumen that may obscure visualization and peppermint oil that will relax the colon and rectum. 

The composition could have profound implications for improving colonoscopy as a tool to decrease colorectal cancer incidence/mortality rates and could become the standard of care in screening. 



Ananda Ghosh