The Medical Student Elective


This course will provide a general overview to the nature of orthopaedic surgery and its practice. The course consists of a four-week rotation on the various orthopaedic services contained within the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. The student will be exposed to operating room procedures, emergency room diagnosis and treatment, care and evaluation of in-house patients and the varying didactic programs of the department. It is designed for students interested in gaining additional knowledge about orthopaedic surgery and/or students wishing to become orthopaedic surgeons.

Objectives of the Elective

  1. To gain a general understanding of the various different types of orthopaedic practices and procedures.
  2. To understand the principles behind the evaluation and treatment of orthopaedic patients.
  3. To gain operating room exposure and experience.
  4. To demonstrate the ability to present and give a cogent case history presentation and discussion.

Key Responsibilities of the Student While on the Elective

Each student is assigned to a specific orthopaedic team at the Hospital for Joint Diseases. Each student is assigned to one of the following services:

  • Adult Service
  • Pediatric Service
  • Spine Service
  1. The student is an integral member of the team and responsible for rounding on patients and providing clinical care in the Emergency Room and operating theatre.
  2. The student is required to spend one night a week on-call and spend one weekend day/night during the rotation on-call at the Bellevue Hospital Emergency Room. While on-call, the students are expected to assist the junior resident on-call in the evaluation and management of acute orthopaedic injuries.
  3. The student is also responsible for preparing and giving a case presentation to his/her preceptor twice during the 4 week rotation, as well as actively participating in weekly student conferences and weekly team conferences.
  4. A talk will be developed and given at the end of the rotation.

Didactic Program

Each student is assigned a preceptor, who is a member of the full time orthopaedic faculty. The student will meet with his/her preceptor twice during the rotation and present a case followed by a discussion to their preceptor. The didactic program also consists of weekly conferences and Wednesday grand rounds, at which time the student is expected to be prepared to answer varying questions tailored to their abilities and knowledge. Students will also be required to attend skills sessions on splinting/casting as well as fracture fixation during the rotation.

Method of Evaluation

The students are evaluated by the chief resident assigned to their service and also by their preceptor. They are evaluated based on their performance during the rotation, including knowledge base, ability to work as a team member and interactions with patients and peers. In addition, the student is required to submit an evaluation of the rotation itself prior to leaving the evaluation.

Scheduling Information

  • Months offered: All year (Please refer to the Academic Calendars/Elective Block Dates).
  • Report to: Randie Godette / NYU Langone Medical Center's Hospital for Joint Diseases / 301 E. 17th Street, Room 1402 / (212) 598-6509
  • Students per rotation: 12
  • Course Codes: 09-01 (4 weeks)
  • Prerequisites: Medicine and Surgery

How to Apply and Funding

To apply for medical student elective visit the NYU School of Medicine Registrar at:

The Department is committed to increasing diversity within the field of orthopaedic surgery.   We encourage underrepresented minorities in the field of orthopaedics to rotate for one month in our department prior to applying to orthopaedic residency. To that end, we are to offering funded positions to support students who are under represented minorities in the field of orthopaedic surgery. An independent committee will select award winners based upon merit, scholarship and need.  Scholarship funding will be used to assist with travel and living expenses while in New York City.

To apply for diversity funding:

Complete the application under Diversity Scholarships.

Send all letters and diversity applications for the Medical School elective to: 

Randie Godette at, or
FAX:  212-598-6581

Letters should be addressed to:

Kenneth A. Egol, MD
Program Director
NYU Hospital for Joint Disease
301 E. 17th St.
New York, NY 10003