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NYU Langone Digital DesignLab

The Digital DesignLab is a collaborative initiative between Healthcare innovation Bridging Research Informatics and Design (HiBRID), WonderLab, and NYU Langone IT (MCIT) that partners with clinical and implementation researchers and practitioners to build innovative digital tools. In response to growing interest by research and operations teams across the health system, the Digital DesignLab has developed a process for systematically identifying, prioritizing, and tracking projects and opportunities for innovation.

Our digital innovation pipeline offers a standardized yet flexible process for identifying, developing, coordinating, and vetting digital innovation projects across the health system.

What We Do

Our lab can develop ideas, connect you to the right team, and even build products that match our expertise. Each idea is different and will have its own unique path through the pipeline. Your project can either complete the Digital DesignLab pipeline or be connected to the right group along the way.

How We Do It

DesignLab starts with an intake to determine appropriate next steps for each project. If accepted, each partnership then routes through at least one of the discovery, bootcamp, and development steps.

Digital DesignLab Process

To complete an intake, submit your idea by answering a few survey questions. Following the intake, meet with the DesignLab team in a discovery meeting to create a shared understanding of your project. Upon approval, your project can go through a bootcamp where your team will complete design workshops, wireframe building, and user testing to create a minimum viable product (MVP). Select projects can enter the development phase with the DesignLab, in which we build a commercial-grade tool for your target audience.

Fill out our short intake form to get started.

Our Team

Devin Mann, MD
Associate Professor, Departments of Population Health and Medicine
Senior Director of Informatics Innovation, NYU Langone IT (MCIT)
Director, HiBRID
Director, Digital DesignLab

Helen L. Egger, MD
The Arnold Simon Professor and Chair, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Director, Child Study Center
Founder and Co-Lead, WonderLab
Co-Director, Digital DesignLab

Michael Mainiero
Senior Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation for NYU Langone IT (MCIT)
Co-Director, Digital DesignLab

Rachel E. Lebwohl
Director, NYU Langone IT (MCIT) Digital Solutions
Product Lead, Digital DesignLab

Sara Chokshi, DrPH
Assistant Director, HiBRID

Steve Robinson, MFA
User Experience Lead, Digital DesignLab

Javier Gonzalez
Technical Lead, Digital DesignLab

Katherine E. Driscoll, MPH
Project Coordinator, WonderLab

Catherine Dinh-Le, MPH
Project Lead, Digital DesignLab

Roshini Hegde, MPH
Project Coordinator, HiBRID

Genesis Aguinaga
Digital Product Strategist, Digital DesignLab

Contact Us

To learn more about the Digital DesignLab, email us at digitaldesignlab@nyulangone.org.