Housing for Eligible Employees & Faculty

Housing Housing for Eligible Employees & Faculty
Housing Housing for Eligible Employees & Faculty

Eligible employees and faculty may apply for NYU Langone housing. To be eligible to apply for housing, you must be employed full time as a nurse, member of the house staff such as a resident or clinical fellow, or postdoctoral research fellow. Eligibility must be maintained in order to remain in NYU Langone housing. If your employment status or position changes, you are required to vacate NYU Langone housing within 30 days of the change in status.

Applicants’ names are placed on waiting lists. Housing offers are based on availability, date of application, family size, applicable priorities, and occupancy guidelines for the apartment. If availability does not meet your needs, we can refer you to off-campus resources. 

Faculty members interested in housing information should contact housing@nyumc.org.

Apply for Nurse and House Staff Housing

Nurses and house staff already employed at NYU Langone can apply for housing online by using our housing portal (Kerberos ID and password are required).

Incoming residents can begin an application through our online portal, by selecting “Register” at the top. After you complete the registration process, you will receive an email informing you that your registration is under review. Please allow a few days for the review. After approval, you will receive a second automated email providing you with temporary credentials so that you can log in and complete a housing application.

Incoming fellows are not eligible to apply for housing as they begin their fellowships. If a fellow has continued interest in NYU Langone housing after employment begins, an application may be completed on or after July 1 of the arrival year, in order to add the fellow’s name to an ongoing waiting list.

Under certain conditions, NYU may act as a lease guarantor for eligible house staff for off-campus apartment rentals. Learn more about the lease guaranty program.

Apply for Postdoctoral Fellow Housing

Postdoctoral research fellows should submit a housing application to the postdoctoral program office at least four months before the start date.

A complete postdoctoral housing application consists of a housing application form; a letter from your NYU School of Medicine principal investigator confirming the offer of the position, your title and salary, and the duration of the fellowship; and an up-to-date copy of your CV, including details about your education and previous postdoctoral positions. If you have an MD, include the time you spent in residency training programs.

Housing application materials are submitted as PDFs to the postdoctoral program via email at postdochousing@nyumc.org. Please do not send photos. Materials are reviewed and, if approved, forwarded to Housing Services for processing. Incomplete applications cannot be processed.

All postdocs who are offered NYU School of Medicine housing are eligible to waive the security deposit. Our rent prices vary by building and are subject to increase. Housing offers depend on availability. Housing offers are usually sent approximately 30 to 45 days prior to arrival. Postdocs who decline the offers are removed from the waiting list. If a postdoc accepts housing, the lease may not be terminated before the completion of the first lease term unless the postdoctoral position ends.

Request to Vacate NYU Langone Housing

If you are eligible to vacate your housing, log into our online housing portal using your Kerberos ID and password, and select “Request to Vacate” at the top of the page. Vacating requests are subject to approval by the Housing Services Office.

Request to Transfer Within NYU Langone Housing

After you’ve begun living in NYU Langone housing, any requests for transfers to other NYU Langone housing require new applications and are subject to waiting lists. Transfer offers are not assured.

Charges, Billing, and Payments

For questions about your rent billing, payments, refunds, payroll deduction of rent, landlord reference letters, and other housing-related financial matters, please email redf.finance@nyumc.org.

Payroll Deduction of Rent

Please submit a completed and signed payroll deduction authorization form. You must include your employee ID number, which is the seven-digit number that appears on your pay stub. You can scan the completed form and create a PDF, and email this file to redf.finance@nyumc.org. Photos are not accepted. Please allow some time for activation, continuing to submit payments until payroll deduction begins. Faculty and staff who are on the payrolls of NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital, NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn, or NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue are not eligible to sign up for payroll deduction of rent.