Key Research Articles:

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PTEN counteracts FBXL2 to promote IP3R3- and Ca2+-mediated apoptosis limiting tumor growth

Nature 546:554-558, 2017. (see also related News & Views and News & Thoughts)

Donato V., Bonora, M. Simoneschi D., Sartini D., Kudo Y., Saraf A., Florens L., Washburn M., Stadtfeld M., Pinton, P., and Pagano M.

The TDH-GCN5L1-Fbxo15-KBP axis limits mitochondrial biogenesis in mouse embryonic stem cells. 

Nature Cell Biol 19:341-351, 2017.  (see also related News & Commentary)

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FEM1 proteins are ancient regulators of SLBP degradation.

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Cyclin F-mediated degradation of SLBP limits H2A.X accumulation and apoptosis upon genotoxic stress in G2. 

Mol Cell 64:507-519, 2016.  (see also related News & Views 1 and News & Views 2)

Pagan J., Marzio A., Jones M., Saraf A., Jallepalli P., Florens L., Washburn M., and Pagano M.

Degradation of Cep68 and PCNT cleavage mediate Cep215 removal from the PCM to allow centriole separation, disengagement

and licensing.

Nature Cell Biol 17:31-43, 2015.  (see also related News & Views)

Young L.M., Marzio A., Perez-Duran P., Reid D., Meredith D., Roberti, D. Star A., Rothenberg E., Ueberheide B., and Pagano M. TIMELESS forms a complex with PARP1 distinct from its complex with TIPIN and plays a role in the DNA Damage Response

Cell Reports 13:451-459, 2015.

Skaar J., Ferris A., Wu X., Saraf A., Khanna K., Florens L., Washburn M., Hughes S. and Pagano M.

The Integrator complexes regulates processing-coupled termination of transcription at diverse classes of gene targets

Cell Res 25:288-305, 2015. (see also related Mini-Review)

Kuchay S., Duan S., Schenkein E., Peschiaroli A., Saraf A., Florens L., Washburn M., and Pagano M. 

FBXL2- and PTPL1-mediated degradation of p85β controls PI3K activity. 

Nature Cell Biol 15:472-480, 2013.

Rossi M., Duan S., Jeong Y., Horn M., Saraf A., Florens L., Washburn M., Antebi A., and Pagano M. 

Regulation of the CRL4Cdt2 ubiquitin ligase and cell cycle exit by the SCFFbxo11 ubiquitin ligase. 

Mol Cell 49:1159-1166, 2013.

Jeong Y., Rossi M., Cermak L., Saraf A., Florens L., Washburn M., Sung. P, Schildkraut C., and Pagano M. 

FBH1 promotes DNA double strand breakage and apopotosis in response to DNA replication stress. 

J of Cell Biol 200:141-149, 2013.

Jeong Y., Cermak L., GuiJarro M., Hernando E., and Pagano M. 

FBH1 is deregulated in melanomas and protects melanocytes from transformation. 

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Fbxw7α- and GSK3-mediated degradation of p100 is a pro-survival mechanism in multiple myeloma.
Nature Cell Biol, 14:375-385, 2012.

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Nature 481:90-93, 2012.

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Mol Cell 44;317-324, 2011.

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