Pathology Department Jobs

Associate Research Technician

The Aifantis lab is open to interviewing any internal Pathology candidates interested in the following position: Associate Research Technician

Position Summary: Responsible for maintenance of animal colonies, performing basic laboratory experiments, collaborating with supervisory lab members on different projects, contributing the organization of the lab and providing support for various aspects of experimental research. The position would be to support the lab mainly in animal work, but also some directed laboratory duties and general maintenance of the lab. Flexibility is key, as this position is to fulfill responsibilities described below as required. Works under general supervision.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Animal duties – Handling of laboratory mice, genotyping and tracking of mouse colonies. Breeding and separation of pups. Performs animal handling procedures which may require injection of animals; collection/harvesting of tissues; blood draw and euthanasia. Completes monthly mouse colony census. Records information accurately and promptly, maintenance of online mouse database.
  2. Lab Duties - Basic lab duties under general supervision as well as more advanced duties under direct supervision including maintaining a record of results. Performs routine technical tasks, and assists in the general maintenance of the lab. Assists with the inventory and tracking of laboratory supplies. Under supervision, performs standard laboratory procedures using established protocols, such as maintaining cell cultures requiring the use of sterile technique, preparing slides using staining techniques, general techniques in molecular biology.
  3. Assist in Developing Procedures - Assists in implementing new procedures and protocols to support experiments. Participates actively in developing, recommending and implementing new approved procedures, or modifications to existing protocols and procedures. Maintains and updates technical knowledge.
  4. Communication/Relationship with Others - Cooperates, communicates and relates well to all levels of Medical Center. Listens carefully to others in order to respond appropriately, answer questions or obtain needed information. Communicates ideas, problems, suggestions, and messages in a timely and effective manner.
  5.  Judgment/Decision-Making - Is able to recognize problems as they occur; and through the application of appropriate policy/ procedure, determine and/or recommends the appropriate solution. Seeks guidance as necessary for the performance of duties asks appropriate questions when in doubt and utilizes reference sources/materials to endure accuracy. Advises appropriate personnel of situations/problems requiring intervention or follow-up attention.
  6. Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications: This is a junior position with minimal experience necessary. A Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Life Sciences or a related field is preferred but not required. 1+ years’ experience in some area of basic cellular immunology, molecular biology, tissue culture or previous experience handling laboratory animals would be advantageous. Strong written and verbal communication skills are required.

Please contact if you are an internal-Pathology employee & have interest in applying for this position.

Senior Financial Analyst

The Department of Pathology Administration team is accepting interviews of any internal Pathology candidates interested in the following position: Senior Financial Analyst

Position Summary: Responsible for conducting financial analysis, projects and statistical studies. This position is generally accountable for effectively providing financial management, financial and narrative reporting, training analysis and communication for all departmental accounts through a collaborative effort with the Department Administrator and Business Manager.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Works with Financial Analysts to identify and analyze grant and fiscal areas which may require support.
  2. Prepares analyses of trends of research spending and makes appropriate recommendations.
  3. Prepares comparative analyses of departmental accounts both for the school and research for all costs. Submits reports to the Administrator and Business Manager for review and suggests revisions.
  4. In conjunction with the Dept. Administrator and Business Manager, prepares departmental budget based on estimated revenue both clinically and for research.
  5. Investigate and initiate information to all departmental Principal Investigators of potential funding opportunities.
  6. Coordinate with the Business Manager and act as liaison to the granting agencies and NYU Grants Office on non-scientific matters.
  7. Meet monthly with the Principal Investigators regarding grant account status and provides analysis.
  8. Maintain a fiscal calendar of upcoming deadlines and pending applications.
  9. Maintain a file on each awarded grant account which includes copies of applications award notices, NYU budget allocations and other related administrative material.
  10. Prepare a quarterly financial summary to include current and projected departmental expenses.
  11. Monitor the department's financial status through analysis of accounts and financial reports and convey to the Business Manager on an as needed basis.

Please contact if you are an internal-Pathology employee & have interest in applying for this position.

Project Assistant

A Neuropathology lab is open to interviewing any internal Pathology candidates interested in the following position: Project Assistant

Position Summary: Responsible for providing project support and receiving, classifying, reconciling and consolidating data, performing moderate data analysis, coordinating efforts with assigned staff, compile information and prepare reports, and summarize documents.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Prepares and reviews data and documents independently. Coordinates/communicates project activities with concerned parties. Receives, classifies, reconciles and consolidates data. Compiles and prepares reports based on information readily available, verify, interprets and analyses information, determines report format, identifies discrepancies and make corrections.
  2. Researches problems, issues and concerns, responds to requests for information and summarizes data based on information compiled from various sources.
  3. Searches scientific literature and compiles summaries of data analysis.
  4. Analyzes data on cell staining protocols.
  5. Collects information on cell dissociation protocols.
  6. Analyzes data on cell staining protocols and performs analysis of cell images.

Please contact if you are an internal-Pathology employee & would like to apply for this position.