Philip M. Tierno, Ph.D.

Philip M. Tierno, Ph.D.
Clinical Professor of Microbiology and Pathology

Pathobiology / Medical Microbiology / Ecology / Human Metagenomics, (212) 263 5905
Fax: (212) 263 7922
560 First Avenue, TH 374, New York, NY 10016


Research and Clinical Interests

Microbial Ecology and Human Metagenomics: Attempt to determine what is the core of human microbiome and understand its role in health and disease. Toxic Shock Syndrome: Emphasis on toxin production in vitro vs in vivo. Global perspectives on Infectious Diseases as well as national issues like Nosocomial Infections. Bioterrorism.

Selected Publications

Okere A, Tierno PM Jr, Schwartz D, Schlievert P, Hamadeh R. Severe Invasive Group A Streptococcal Disease with Rhabdomyolysis but Without Evidence of Shock or Local Myositis. Scholarly Research Exchange. 2009;vol. 2009: Article ID 786451. doi: 10.3814/2009/786451.

Tierno PM Jr. Re-emergence of Staphylococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome in the United States since 2000. J Clin Microbiol. 2005;43:2032–33.

Lin K, Tierno PM Jr, Komisar AZ. Increasing Antibiotic Resistance of Streptococcus Species in New York City 2001-2002. The Laryngoscope. 2004;114:1147–50.

Woodford N, Tierno PM Jr, Tysall L, Palepou MF, Young K, Silver L, Shungu D, Inglima K, Kornblum J, Livermore DM. Outbreak of Klebsiella pneumoniae Producing a New Carbapenem-Hydrolysing Class A B-Lactamase, KPC-3. in a New York Medical Center. Antimicrob. Agents & Chemo. 2004;48:4793–99.

Tierno PM Jr. Isolation of Fungi by Standard Laboratory Methods in Patients with Chronic Rhinosinusitis. The Laryngoscope. 2002;112:2189–91.

Liu ES, Lebowitz RA, Jacobs JB, Tierno PM Jr. The Bacteriology of Chronic Rhinosinusitis-Results using a Novel Culture Device. Am J. Rhinology. 2000;14:101–5.

Ragir S, Rosenberg M, Tierno PM Jr. Gut Morphology and the Avoidance of Carrion among Chimpanzees, Baboons and Early Hominids. J Anthropological Res. 2000;56:477–512.

Selected Books

Tierno PM Jr, Lifshitz MS. Biological, Chemical and Nuclear Terrorism: Role of the Laboratory. In: McPherson RA, Pincus MR, editors. Clinical Diagnosis and Management by Laboratory Methods. 21st Edition. Philadelphia: Saunders Elsevier; 2007.

Pincus MR, Tierno PM Jr, Dufour R. Evaluation of Liver Function (with special emphasis on Hepatitis Viruses). In: McPherson RA, Pincus MR, editors. Clinical Diagnosis and Management by Laboratory Methods. 21st Edition. Philadelphia: Saunders Elsevier; 2007.

Tierno PM Jr. The Secret Life of Germs: What They Are, Why We Need Them, and How We Can Protect Ourselves Against Them. New York: Atria Books; 2004.

Byrnes ME, King DA, Tierno PM Jr. Nuclear Chemical and Biological Terrorism: Emergency Response and Public Protection. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press; 2003.

Tierno PM Jr. Protect Yourself Against Bioterrorism. New York: Pocket Books; 2002.

Tierno PM Jr. The Secret Life of Germs: Observations and Lessons from a Microbe Hunter. New York: Pocket Books; 2001.

Tierno PM Jr. Diagnostics of Human Infections Caused by Bartonella henselae. In: Schmidt A, editor. Bartonella Infections in Man. Basel: Karger AG; 1998.

Organizational Associations

American Academy of Microbiology; National Registry of Microbiologists (AAM); American Society for Microbiology; American Society for Clinical Pathology; Board of Registry of ASCP; NYC Branch, American Society for Microbiology; American Association for the Advancement of Science; American Public Health Association; Association for Professionals in Infection Control & Epidemiology

Selected Awards

Phi Sigma Honor Biological Research Society
Alpha Epsilon Delta Honor Society
Knighted by "Sovereign Military & Hospitalier Order of St John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Ecumenical"
2010 Invited Keynote Speaker at the fifth Annual Meeting of the International Hygiene Council in London

Hospital Affiliations

Tisch Hospital