Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship

The NYU Difference

Our residents rotate at three different hospitals, which represent three different healthcare systems. NYU Medical Center is the private University Hospital; Bellevue Medical Center is part of the New York City Health System, and the Manhattan VA Medical Center. The residents are therefore exposed to patients from a wide range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

As an academic medical center, scholarly activity is a primary mission. The scholarly environment is maintained through the regular and diverse didactic conference schedule and robust clinical and translational research efforts in both cardiac surgery and thoracic oncology. We encourage our residents to participate in the clinical research efforts. Residents are also highly encouraged to attend regional and national meetings and are expected to attend a minimum of one meeting each year. The Department supports the travel for one academic meeting a year for each faculty and resident, and supports additional travel for any presented abstract/paper or invited lecture.

The expansion of our training from two to three years has allowed for the introduction of elective time for the residents within their third year. Residents have the option to participate in surgical or non-surgical specialties for a two to three month block. Non-surgical elective options include: ECHO cardiology, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, cardiac anesthesiology, interventional radiology, endoscopy, bronchoscopy, pulmonary medicine, medical oncology, or diagnostic radiology. This elective time is designed to enrich the resident in their sub-specialized field of interest.

Cardiothoracic Surgery Track

Rotation Schedule

Track Director: Abe DeAnda, Jr., MD, Associate Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Director, Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Program, Associate Director, Thoracic Surgery Residency Program

Residents in the cardiothoracic track develop unique advanced skills in minimally invasive valve surgery, advanced valve repair surgery, catheter-based valve surgery, stent graft therapies for thoracic aneurysms, and advanced surgical therapies for heart failure.

First Year

  • Acquired & congenital cardiac surgery (3 months) Location - Tisch Hospital
  • Adult cardiac & general thoracic surgery/thoracic oncology (3 months) Location: Veteran's Administration Hospital
  • General thoracic surgery/thoracic oncology (3 months) Location: Tisch Hospital
  • Cardiac, general thoracic /thoracic oncology & trauma (3 months) Location: Bellevue Hospital

Second Year

  • Acquired & congenital cardiac surgery (6 months) Location: Tisch Hospital
  • General thoracic surgery/thoracic oncology (3 months) Location: Tisch Hospital
  • Cardiac surgery, general thoracic/thoracic oncology & trauma (3 months) Location: Bellevue Hospital

Third Year

By the start of the third year, the resident will be exceptionally equipped to actively participate in numerous surgical areas:

  • minimally invasive valve surgery
  • advanced valve repair surgery
  • catheter based valve surgery
  • stent graft therapies for thoracic aneurysms advanced surgical therapies for heart failure

Advanced adult-acquired cardiac

(12 months. Note: This year can include 1-3 months of elective)
Location: Tisch Hospital
Exposure: minimally invasive surgery, valve repair and catheter based surgery, thoracic aneurysms and catheter based aneurysm surgery, ventricular restoration surgery for congestive heart failure.

Application Information


The NYU Cardiothoracic Surgery Residency Program accepts one resident into each track per year.


Applicants should follow the ERAS timeline for all submission deadlines.


Incoming applicants must have completed an ACGME-approved general surgery residency training program and be board eligible in general surgery.
Prior research experience is desired but not mandatory.

How to Apply

All applications must be submitted via the ERAS website. Paper applications are no longer accepted.
Applicants are encouraged to specify whether they are applying for the cardiothoracic surgery track or the thoracic surgery track; however, they may also apply to both tracks.

Contact Information
Ellen R. Cherrick
Residency Coordinator
(212) 263-3277