Research & Quality

All faculty members engage in research or scholarly activity. This includes clinical prospective and retrospective studies, basic research and quality improvement projects.

Special emphasis is given to research and development of quality of patient care criteria that comply with The Institute of Medicine (IOM) 6 Aims of Patient Care:

  • Patient Centeredness
  • Effectiveness (evidence-based practice)
  • Safety (first do no harm)
  • Efficiency (cost effectiveness)
  • Equity (same practice for all)
  • Timeliness (avoidance of delays & barriers)

Quality Improvement through Simulation-based Medical Training (SBMT):

The Division of Pediatric Critical Care at NYU seeks to improve quality of care through SBMT.

Pediatric residents, attendings and nurses are trained at the NYU simulation center to manage simulated emergency situations as a team as well as individuals. Life-threatening scenarios are programmed for High Fidelity Patient Simulators (HFPS) and are used for exercises.

After each exercise, debriefing takes place aiming at learning how to address human and system-based errors and how to improve:

  • Patient safety
  • Team readiness to meet emergencies
  • Procedural skills
  • Self-performance assessment and developing corrective actions