the philips lab
departments of medicine, cell biology and pharmacology, NYU cancer institute, Division of Rheumatology, NYU School of Medicine
Current Research Projects

CAAX Processing
Post-translational modification of small GTPases.

Isoprenylcysteine carboxyl methyltransferase (Icmt), the third of the three CAAX processing enzymes. 

GTPase Trafficking
Focus on the pathways that deliver GTPases to target membranes, how these pathways are regulated and how they relate to signaling.

Ras/Rho Localization
Focus on the differential localization of Ras and Rho family GTPases and how subcellular location relates to function.

Compartmentalized Signaling
Focus on the biological significance of compartmentalized signaling.

Ras Activation in T Cells
Focus on the biological advantages of endomembrane Ras signaling in immune cells and the role that Ras signaling plays in autoimmunity.

K-Ras Phosphorylation and the Farnesyl-electrostatic Switch
A novel way of treating human tumors with PKC.