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K-Ras Phosphorylation and the Farnesyl-electrostatic Switch
K-Ras Phosphorylation
Endogenous K-Ras is visualized by immunogold EM on the outer mitochondrial membrane in Jurkat T cells treated with the PKC agonist bryostatin-1. more detail
K-Ras Phosphorylation
CFP-K-Ras (green) is seen only on the plasma membrane of untreated HeLa cells.  The mitochondria are stained red. more detail

We have discovered that the localization of K-Ras is regulated by a PKC-controlled electrostatic switch and that phosphorylated K-Ras associates with mitochondria and promotes apoptosis.  This suggests a novel way of treating human tumors with PKC agonists and points the way toward translating our basic discoveries into new therapies.