Firas Mussa, MB, ChB

Assistant Professor, K-12 Scholar, Section on Value and Effectiveness, Division of Comparative Effectiveness & Decision Science


Firas Mussa, MB, ChB Dr. Mussa is an Assistant Professor of Surgery at the NYU School of Medicine within the division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery and a K12 scholar. His research is currently focused on ways to improve decision-making analysis by using specific tools designed to facilitate healthcare documentation, provider communication, collaboration, administrative support, information portability and dissemination of care. His research will increased quality and decreased errors and costs and creates a framework for national and interlinked medical records. His ultimate goal is improving outcomes through successful and systemic implementation of evidence-based protocols and coordination of clinical care.

Through the K12 training grant, Dr. Mussa will study the comparative effectiveness of endovascular interventions in healing of foot ulcers in diabetics and impact on quality of life. This IRB-approved study will generate evidence needed to conduct larger multi-institutional studies and secure more extramural funding.




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