CERT Program - Certificate Track

The CERT Program’s Certificate Track is geared towards individuals who possess prior research training but who do not have a background in Comparative Effectiveness Research. The Certificate is earned after completion of the 2017 CERT Summer Institute (set for June 19-July 28, 2016) during which five week-long comparative effective research methods courses are completed.

The CERT Summer Institute trains students in the following Comparative Effectiveness Research methods:

  • Meta-analysis and systematic review
  • Decision analysis and comparative effectiveness
  • Cost effectiveness research
  • Advanced methods in observational data analysis
  • Decision aids and clinical decision supports

Requirements of the program include:

  • Full time commitment: Students must ensure 100 percent protected time for the CERT Summer Institute
  • Submission of final course projects due two weeks after completion of the program. Students are strongly encouraged to develop one or more projects into an abstract or paper.

Click here for detailed course descriptions.

Click here for the summer 2017 Certificate schedule