Medical education research is a burgeoning yet underfunded field of scholarship of great importance to academic medicine. In recognition of a growing institutional need, the PrMEIR was established in 2006.

Housed within the Division of General Internal Medicine and Clinical Innovations, Section of Primary Care, PrMEIR's mission is to advance medical education scholarship and to institute best practices for patient-centered, evidence-based medical education. PrMEIR supports the development of research and practice that strengthen the links between a physician’s training and patient health and well-being.

Program elements include the Merrin Master Clinician Fellowship Program, PrMEIR Intramural Grants Program, the Research on Medical Education and Outcomes (ROMEO) unit, and curriculum and faculty development consultations such as the Surgical Professionalism in Communication Education (SPICE) and Emergency Medicine Professionalism and Communications Training (EMPACT) programs.


PrMEIR provides services to the NYU and NYU School of Medicine community through individual and group consultations to address the following needs:

  1. Faculty development
  2. Mentoring for students and faculty
  3. Curriculum development
  4. Data entry and analysis
  5. Research and evaluation of educational interventions.