Public Psychiatry Fellowship

Program Director:  Rachel Rodriguez, MD
Associate Program Director: J. Rebecca Weis, MD

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About the Program

The NYU Public Psychiatry Fellowship is a non- ACGME-accredited one-year program designed to help early-career attending psychiatrists develop the knowledge, skills and expertise necessary to provide effective leadership to programs serving patients in the public sector.

Fellows participate in a year-long didactic program designed to provide them with basic administrative knowledge to help them understand issues of leadership and to cultivate their own unique leadership style. Fellows are also exposed to the process of developing programs based on the specific needs of special populations (e.g. the homeless, veterans, the dually diagnosed, and others). Fellows are encouraged to link the theoretical knowledge acquired through the didactic program with their overall experience at their clinical site. This way, they learn to systematically assess and evaluate health programs, detect their strengths and weaknesses, and propose and test program improvements. This case-based experience relies on the utilization of a systems’ analysis methodology called the congruence model.

Additionally, Fellows have the opportunity to work collaboratively to select a group project which allows them to design and implement a quality improvement project during the year of their Fellowship. Projects such as improving the medical care of psychiatric inpatients and reducing violence in psychiatric programs have been the subject of group projects in past years.

Fellowship Clinical Sites

Most of our fellows are credentialed as attending physicians at one of the NYU Affiliate hospitals (Bellevue Hospital Center, Gouverneur Healthcare Services, the Veterans Affairs New York Harbor Healthcare System, NYU Langone Medical Center, Woodhull Hospital Medical Center, Manhattan Psychiatric Center, Rockland Psychiatric Center, Kirby Forensic Psychiatry Center). However, other sites of employment, which maybe service collaborators with NYU or Affiliates, are also possible and include ICL, Inc. and Project for Psychiatric Outreach to the Homeless (PPOH), a program of Janian Medical Care, P.C.,OMH Facilities such as South Beach Psychiatric Center, and Rikers Island correctional service.

Bellevue Hospital Psychiatry Service: Historically, the majority of our fellows worked at Bellevue Hospital during their fellowship year. Fellows are recruited from early career attendings who express interest in Public Psychiatry training and who are nominated by Bellevue’s Service Chief. Attending psychiatrists from the Inpatient Division, the Comprehensive Emergency Psychiatry Program, the Forensic Division, the Substance Abuse Division, and the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry have all participated in the Fellowship.

Attending psychiatrists from other hospitals and agencies in the New York City area are also welcome to apply. Salary support must be provided by the institution along with release time to attend the didactic and supervisory program.

Didactic Curriculum

The didactic core curriculum includes educational modules on leadership and advocacy, administration, the development of public mental health policy, designing programs for special populations, evolving models of community care for the mentally ill and principles of global mental health.

A year-long experiential module educates the Fellows in the evaluation of systems of care through the practical application of the congruence model to the site where they are employed as clinicians or leaders. This work helps the Fellows to identify opportunities for system improvement, and to design and implement model administrative interventions to enhance the performance of the site.

The third element of the didactic curriculum is represented by the group project. The aim of this component is to promote the ability of the Fellows to produce evidence-based improvement projects utilizing scholarly principles and research and evaluation methodologies.

Supervision and Mentoring

Fellows benefit from regular supervision by experienced NYU faculty members. Fellows are matched with supervisors based on their work site focus and individual academic and career goals. Supervision is used to discuss job site issues, career progress and to obtain one-on-one support for congruence model and project implementation. Fellows also have monthly group supervision to discuss group dynamics, fellowship experiences and collaborative learning and project implementation.

Public Psychiatry Faculty

Program Director:

Rachel Rodriguez, MD

Associate Program Director:

J. Rebecca Weis, MD



  • Jason Cheng, MD
  • Omar Fattal, MD
  • Joanna Fried, MD
  • Ruth Gerson, MD
  • Schuyler Henderson, MD
  • Sheku Magona, MD
  • Rachel Mandel, MD
  • Jill Maddox, MD
  • Marc Manseau, MD
  • Gertie Quitangon, MD
  • Rachel Rodriguez, MD
  • Patricia Schwartz, MD
  • Shane Spicer, MD
  • Tara Straka, MD

Frequently Asked Questions

What is public psychiatry?
Public Psychiatry is the branch of psychiatry that serves individuals who use public funding and services. In practice, this includes federal, state, and local institutions, as well as not-for-profit hospitals and agencies that accept public financing. Clients served generally have severe mental illness, often in addition to a myriad of other health and psychosocial challenges. It is also the branch of psychiatry that cultivates expertise on the societal, medical and legal issues that affect the lives of those with mental illness and their families. Public Psychiatry Fellowships aim to teach clinicians about these systems of care as well as about various leadership and management techniques to better serve this population and in fact to become leaders in these organizations.

What makes your fellowship unique?
Our fellowship is designed to be compatible with the busy lives of junior faculty. The fellows in our program are hired by their worksites at the attending physician level. Our didactic is limited to one afternoon per week so that many of our fellows can be paid a full-time salary and still manage to fulfill their clinical responsibilities.

What is the time commitment?
Classes are on Thursday afternoons. Supervision is one hour every two weeks.

How do I get paid?
Our fellows are hired by and paid by their worksites. All fellows must receive approval from their supervisors to participate in the fellowship. Salary arrangements are made between the fellows and their employers; the PPF does not pay any fellows directly.

Is it better to do the fellowship during my first year at my new job, or wait until I have more experience?
We have had fellows start anywhere from zero to ten years after graduating from residency. Many people find the fellowship to be ideal their first year in the job, since the fellowship helps you to become oriented with your worksite in an in-depth manner. Those who have waited to “settle in” to their jobs first sometimes find that they can focus on the class material more as they are less anxious about learning their new job responsibilities. In short, there is no right answer, and we are happy to talk with each candidate about their individual situation.

Is this fellowship right for me?
If your job is in a public psychiatry setting and you hope to understand the “big picture” and have plans to take on an administrative or leadership role in the near future, this fellowship is definitely right for you. If you are interested in knowing about mental health policy development, and/or would like to participate in policy or clinical program development, this fellowship is for you. Even if you do not have leadership or administrative goals, but are curious about the possibility, this is a great way to explore your potential. And if you are a young leader looking for more resources to help you fulfill your aspirations, apply today!

Application Information


We look for mature, motivated attending physicians with leadership potential and demonstrated interest in, and commitment to, public psychiatry. All fellows must be credentialed as attending physicians by the time of entry into the program.

Application Procedure

Internal applicants

Candidates who are already employed as attendings at one of the NYU Affiliate hospitals (see Clinical Sites section above for list of hospitals) must be nominated by the Director of Psychiatry of their institution. Once nominated, the candidate should submit their application materials directly to the mailing or email address indicated below. The materials will be evaluated by the Public Psychiatry Fellowship screening committee and shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview for a position on a rolling basis.

External applicants

Candidates who are not currently attendings at one of the NYU Affiliate hospitals should submit their application materials directly to the mailing or email address listed below. An application is considered complete only after the applicant’s Residency training or Clinical Director submits a letter of recommendation. The materials will be evaluated by the Public Psychiatry Fellowship screening committee, and shortlisted candidates will be invited for an in-person interview. If the candidate is suitable for a Fellowship position, the committee will try to assist the candidate in finding suitable employment.

Application Procedure

Please submit the following materials:

  • A completed application form (Download PDF) (Download DOC)
  • Your curriculum vitae/Resume
  • A personal statement about why you wish to train in this Fellowship (one to two pages)
  • A nomination from the director of psychiatry at your place of employment, or from your residency training director (email is acceptable)
  • Letters of reference*

*Please arrange for two letters of reference from persons who are familiar with the nature and quality of your work. Letters of reference should be submitted directly by their authors.

Electronic Submission (Preferred)

Mailing Address

Jeffrey Sanchez
Program Coordinator
NYU School of Medicine
Department of Psychiatry, 8th Flr.
1 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016

Selection Timeline

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and interviews are scheduled for short-listed candidates only once the screening committee has reviewed their complete application. Offers are also made on a rolling basis. Acceptance into the fellowship is conditional on agreement of applicant’s employer.

For more information contact:

Program Coordinator:
Jeffrey Sanchez

(646) 754-4836

Program Director:
Rachel Rodriguez, MD
(212) 562-4492