Institute for Social and Psychiatric Initiatives— Research, Education and Services (InSPIRES)

Leading scientists specializing in over a dozen fields of study have gathered to form the INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL AND PSYCHIATRIC INITIATIVES— RESEARCH, EDUCATION AND SERVICES (InSPIRES) at the prestigious NYU Langone Medical Center. InSPIRES takes a cross-disciplinary approach to the prevention, early detection, treatment and cure of the social impairments at the core of conditions such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, autism, personality disorder and aggressive behavior.

The InSPIRES team includes leading scientists from such fields as neuroscience, epidemiology, genetics, radiology, nuclear physics, pediatrics, environmental medicine, psychiatry, anthropology, zoology, nursing, psychology, social work, gynecology and obstetrics. Studying the complex interplay of genetics with biology, environmental factors and life-course experiences, these researchers have the unparalleled ability to interrelate relevant advances from a wide range of scientific fields.

InSPIRES is about promise and potential. By solving the puzzle of the causes of mental illness we can begin to understand how increasing brain plasticity may be a pathway to mental health. Advancements have already begun. Join us at the Institute for Social and Psychiatric Initiatives in our mission to advance the studies and apply the research that will make the difference in so many lives – the critical ability to connect.