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Biomedical Entrepreneurship Program Biomedical Entrepreneurship Program Courses

Biomedical Entrepreneurship Program Courses

The year-long Biomedical Entrepreneurship Program begins in the fall, with additional project-based learning opportunities offered in the spring. We lead complementary workshops throughout the year, including Opportunity Discovery and Innovation.

Courses and workshops are led by Sadhana Chitale, PhD, MBA, senior director, life sciences/technology transfer, NYU Technology Opportunities and Ventures, with guest faculty, investors, and entrepreneurs delivering lectures and leading case study discussions.

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Fall Course: Introduction to Biomedical Entrepreneurship

Great ideas have little impact if you keep them to yourself, but taking them to the next level can be daunting. Our fall course, Introduction to Biomedical Entrepreneurship, teaches you how to take novel ideas and turn them into marketable drugs, devices, and digital health solutions. Participants have an opportunity to learn from, and interact with, leaders in relevant fields and start building a support system to help along the way.

All members of the NYU Langone and NYU community are invited to join. Register now.

Location: Virtual Via Zoom
Course Directors: Dr. Sadhana Chitale and Dr. Ian J. Mohr
Dates and Time: Wednesday, September 1, 2021, 5:00PM–5:30PM: 30-minute introductory class.
September 9, 2021, to December 16, 2021: 13 sessions held on Thursdays (skipping September 16 and November 25). Classes will be held via Zoom from 5:00PM to 7:00PM.

Course Objective

This course provides an introduction to biomedical entrepreneurship, with a special focus on the commercialization of academic discoveries and inventions, and the entrepreneurial journey of scientist–entrepreneurs. Through a variety of reading materials, lectures, and case studies presented by guest speakers, participants gain an understanding of the requirements for launching and building a new venture in the complex and highly regulated life sciences industry, and of the special challenges related to long timelines, reimbursement, globalization, and other factors.

Requirements and Deliverables

This course is currently not for credit. However, participants’ performance is assessed and taken into consideration in acceptance decisions for follow-up courses and internships in the biomedical entrepreneurship program. Please note that all classes are virtual. We have recruited a roster of very experienced speakers and hope that all participants respect the speaker’s time by being engaged, leaving their videos on, and remaining present during the entire lecture. Learn more about virtual meeting etiquette.

If you wish to obtain a certificate for the course, you must leave your video on and actively participate in the discussions. In addition, depending on the number of participants, two or three participants are nominated per class to actively engage in class discussions.


There are no prerequisites for participating in this course.

Course Books

Participants will be provided a hard copy of Research to Revenue: A Practical Guide to University Start-Ups by Don Rose and Cam Patterson, as well as The Founder’s Dilemmas: Anticipating and Avoiding the Pitfalls That Can Sink a Startup by Noam Wasserman.

Course Schedule

All classes are held from 5:00PM to 7:00PM unless otherwise noted.

Week Date and Time Speakers Topics
  September 1, 2021
(This 30-minute introductory class is from 5:00PM to 5:30PM.)
Sadhana Chitale Introductions and instructions for the course
1 September 9, 2021 Moderators: Sadhana Chitale and Doug Brawley

Panelists: Craig Ramirez and Sid Angle
General introduction class and entrepreneurs panel
2 September 23, 2021 Ed Saltzman The healthcare/life sciences industry—an overview
3 September 30, 2021 Danielle Lewis
Steven Smith
Evaluating the market opportunity
4 October 7, 2021 Adi Masiach The product—what should you develop to solve the customer’s problem and address the unmet need? Is it feasible and patentable?
5 October 14, 2021 Abram Goldfinger
Sadhana Chitale
Protecting and licensing IP—how to work with the technology transfer office

The alphabet soup of agreements—what you need to know about the paperwork your institution requires when disclosing and commercializing your research
6 October 21, 2021 Francois Nader
Deepak Hegde
From clinical practice to CEO of a biotech public company: Lessons learned along the way (Francois Nader)

Entrepreneurial strategy (Deepak Hegde)
7 October 28, 2021 Nadim Shohdy
Stevin Zorn
The process for bringing a therapeutic to market (technical, clinical, and business aspects)
8 November 4, 2021 Adi Mashiach The process for bringing a device or digital health product to market (technical, clinical, and business aspects)
9 November 11, 2021 David Sorin
Michal Gilon-Yanai
Critical legal issues every startup must know

The team, and other resources needed to build a product and develop a valid, sustainable business model—how will you get this done?
10 November 18, 2021 Loren Busby Budgeting in a start-up
11 December 2, 2021 Loren Busby Sources of funding and understanding valuation and dilution
12 December 9, 2021 Frank Rimalovski
Matt Mulvey
Being an entrepreneur;
Other opportunities in health tech commercialization (panel)
13 December 16, 2021 Celebration Depending on the COVID-19 situation, we meet in person to network and celebrate and invite the instructors to join.