For Faculty

The NYU School of Medicine is among the leading U.S. institutions with regard to the successful discovery of drug targets and licensing of intellectual property, leading to development of breakthrough drugs and biotech start-up companies. Nevertheless, translating the discovery of a drug target into a therapeutic is a challenging process—especially in today’s environment, where potential industry and financial partners are seeking an increasing degree of validation prior to formal licensing and investment. OTA is uniquely positioned to assist NYU faculty members in the translation and development process, by providing a deep understanding of drug discovery and early stage development. OTA provides funding for key activities, including high-throughput small molecule screening, rational drug design, in vivo proof-of-concept experiments, medicinal chemistry and structure activity relationship studies, as well as early development toxicology and pharmacokinetics. Additionally, OTA works closely with OIL to maximize intellectual property throughout the process of discovery and development. OTA facilitates alliances with biopharma and investors, consults on and provides support for translational federal, nonprofit and foundation research grants and contracts, and establishes interdisciplinary collaborations.