For Industry & Investors

Translating academic discoveries to therapeutic products is a major source of innovation in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. However, academic projects are increasingly regarded by industry and investors as too early to partner, especially in today’s competitive and risk-averse environment. OTA was founded particularly to “de-risk” drug discovery and early stage development projects at NYU to facilitate alliances with industry, increase licensing activity and enable development of startups. OTA has developed a pragmatic, lean-based approach to advance research projects and programs, utilizing both NYU’s internal research capabilities as well as external resources in the areas of medicinal chemistry, high-throughput small molecule screening, computer-aided drug design and other components of preclinical drug development. Depending on the proof-of-concept data required to propel discovery and development and to enable successful commercial partnerships, OTA can provide as little as a few thousand dollars to as much as $250,000 in resources per project.