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Postdoctoral Training Professional Development for Postdoctoral Fellows

Professional Development for Postdoctoral Fellows

The postdoctoral program at NYU Grossman School of Medicine provides opportunities for you to develop your professional acumen as you prepare for the rigors of the job market. We understand that not all postdocs plan to become academics or scientists, and as one of 17 academic medical centers to receive grant funding from the National Institutes of Health Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training (NIH BEST) awards program, we offer professional development courses and workshops on career planning, communication skills, negotiating, and conflict management to help you become a well-rounded job applicant.

In partnership with NYU, our National Institutes of Health–sponsored Scientific Training Enhancement Program (NYU-STEP) helps postdoctoral fellows and graduate students develop the skills they need to set and reach career goals, while shortening the amount of time spent in training.

We also offer postdoctoral training for careers in academia, pharma and biotech, science policy, medical communications, and more.

We provide many additional resources in our postdoc community, which you can access using your Kerberos ID. Our goal is to ensure that you are optimally prepared for the next step in your career.

NYU Grossman School of Medicine Associations and Clubs

Joining an NYU Grossman School of Medicine association or club allows you to learn new skills and broaden your networking community.

NYU Biotechnology Association

The Biotechnology Association is run by graduate students and postdocs at NYU Grossman School of Medicine and educates members on the many applications of biomedical science. Industry, business, law, and translational research are just a few examples of the disciplines that need talented scientists.

We host a series of events throughout the academic year, including events with industry speakers; entrepreneurship panels; joint business events with the NYU Consulting Club; and events co-organized with the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute, such as the NYU Bioventure speaker series and the NYU Hackathon.

Club events are open to all graduate students and postdocs. To join our mailing list, email

The Postdoc Council

The postdoc council bridges NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s postdoc community and NYU-STEP. The council conveys our needs and supports NYU-STEP in organizing social and professional events. On the first of each month, we send an enewsletter to all postdocs to keep everyone up to speed on council activities and decisions.

The council consists of eight NYU Grossman School of Medicine postdoctoral fellows, and most events are open to postdocs and graduate students from across NYU. Contact Ada Weinstock, Council Chair, at if you are interested in volunteering.

Coding Club

Learning practical coding skills can empower postdocs to gain independence and be more productive. Each summer, NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s Coding Club holds a series of modules that teach bioinformatics skills to wet-lab scientists. Each module takes place one day a week for two or three weeks and focuses on one particular skill such as automated image analysis or high-throughput data spreadsheet manipulation. Sometimes we have pizza.

Pamela Wu and Amanda Erlund chair the club and send a call for new members each May or June through the email listserv. To sign up for the listserv and learn more visit the Sackler Data Wranglers website.

NYU Are Women in STEM

NYU Are Women in STEM (NYUrWIS) provides resources and support for women pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Through a seminar series, mentorship program, and informal socials, NYUrWIS helps women reach their professional goals in the scientific realm.

Jane Cullis, PhD, Jessie Brown, and Melania Fanok are co-founders and co-presidents of NYUrWIS.

We hold meetings as needed, usually once a month. If you’re interested in joining, email and we’ll add you to the mailing list so you can stay apprised of upcoming meetings and other news.

Scientific Entrepreneurs Society

The Scientific Entrepreneurs Society consists of PhD candidates and postdocs from across NYU and NYU Grossman School of Medicine who are interested in technology commercialization and how to launch a successful startup. The society meets once a month and features guest speakers, workshops, and opportunities for networking. Meetings take place at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, NYU Tandon School of Engineering, or elsewhere at NYU.

Women’s Intensive Leadership Development Program

The Women’s Intensive Leadership Development Program, also known as the WILD Program, is a wilderness hiking program open to postdocs and graduate students that teaches early career women scientists leadership, resilience, and team building skills. Each year, participants choose one of three different hiking excursions on the Northville Placid Trail, a 143-mile foot trail in the Adirondacks. Subscribe to the WILD PROGRAM mailing list for more information and to stay up to date with upcoming news and events.