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Benefits for Postdoctoral Fellows

Most postdoctoral fellows at NYU Grossman School of Medicine are eligible for comprehensive benefits, including health insurance, dental insurance, and prescription drug coverage. We extend these benefits to your eligible dependents as well.

If your postdoctoral appointment is sponsored by a Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award, eligible benefits will be taxed, and access to some benefits may be restricted.

In addition to receiving health benefits, postdoctoral fellows can apply for affordable housing located just blocks from our research facilities. We recommend that you submit your housing application at least four months before your start date or as soon as you accept a postdoctoral spot, even if it is less than four months from your start date. See more information about NYU Langone housing to apply.

Enrolling in Your Benefit Plan

As a new postdoc, you meet with an NYU Grossman School of Medicine Benefits Services representative as soon as possible after your arrival. The representative schedules a benefits orientation, at which you receive benefits enrollment materials and information about your options.

You must enroll in a benefits plan within 30 days of the date on the benefits worksheet. If you do not, you are assigned default benefits coverage, which does not cover dependents.

After you have submitted all required forms and enrolled in a benefits plan, benefits services transmits your health plan information to the insurance carriers you selected. The insurance carrier mails you an insurance card and membership information about three or four weeks after you enroll. At any time after enrollment, you can check your status online.

If you have questions about benefits or have not yet made an appointment with a benefits services representative, contact the Office of Human Resources at 212-404-3928.

Waivers, Open Enrollment, and Qualifying Life Events

If you elect to waive insurance coverage because you already have health insurance, you must notify benefits services and provide documentation of your coverage. However, you cannot change your coverage until the next open enrollment period.

An exception can be made if you experience a “qualifying life event,” such as the birth of a child or a divorce, that would affect your insurance coverage eligibility. If you experience a qualifying life event, contact benefits services within 20 days of the event.

Insurance Notice for International Postdoctoral Fellows

International participants in the postdoctoral program who are funded by an institution other than NYU Grossman School of Medicine are not eligible for insurance coverage under our benefits plans, nor are their dependents. You can find out about alternative health insurance options by calling our immigration services staff at 212-404-3862.

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program

If you are feeling troubled about your personal relationships, emotional wellbeing, or work performance, our faculty and staff assistance program can refer you to professional counselors who can help you. This service is confidential and free.


After successfully completing their probationary period (six months), postdocs are eligible for 21 days of paid vacation per year. Any unused vacation time does not carry over from year-to-year and is not payable upon termination. Additional time off is at the discretion of the principal investigator, since it is predicated on the operational needs of the laboratory.

Sick Days and Medical Leaves of Absence

If you fall ill, you may receive payment for an occasional absence; that decision is made at the discretion of your mentor. You must notify him or her as soon as possible if you are unable to come to work.

The department administrator reports any illness-related absence lasting more than seven days to benefits services on an official disability notification form. If you are absent for an extended period—for maternity leave or personal-health issues or to care for an unwell family member, for example—paid time off may be covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) if criteria are met.


Postdocs at NYU Grossman School of Medicine are eligible for a wide range of perks, such as a free membership to the National Postdoctoral Association; discounted business cards, car rentals, gym memberships, Broadway tickets, and wireless phone service; and free admission to all events sponsored by NYU Grossman School of Medicine. For a complete list of perks, log into the postdoc community using your Kerberos ID.