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Resources for Postdoctoral Fellows New Postdoctoral Fellow Checklist

New Postdoctoral Fellow Checklist

As a new postdoctoral fellow at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, your to-do list may seem more complicated than the biomedical research you’re about to conduct. We’ve pulled together a streamlined checklist to help ensure you have a smooth transition to life as a postdoc—and to life in New York City.

Before You Arrive

  • Find housing. If you plan to apply for NYU Grossman School of Medicine housing, we strongly encourage you to submit your application at least four months before you arrive in New York City.
  • Contact the administrator in your home department to make sure everything is set up for your arrival.

After You Arrive

  • Visit the Office of Human Resources to complete the new-hire process before your first day of work, even if you have had an affiliation with NYU Grossman School of Medicine or NYU Langone in the past. When you arrive in New York, your departmental administrator can make an appointment for you with human resources, which is when you find out what you need to follow up on and what to expect regarding pay and benefits. Call human resources at 212-404-3928 if you have any questions about your next steps.
  • If you are a foreign national, call immigration services at NYU Grossman School of Medicine at 212-404-3862 on or before the first day of work so the department can review your visa and entry paperwork. You must register for a Social Security number and are assigned a temporary one. Notify Immigration Services as soon as possible after you receive your permanent Social Security number. Immigration services can also help you navigate visa guidelines. You should bring or complete the following:
    • your passport, visa, and Immigration and Naturalization Service forms I-94, I-20, or IAP-66
    • an original I-9 form with required documents, such as proof of identity
    • an original W-4 form
    • an original Foreign National Information form
    • a copy of your notice of postdoctoral appointment
  • Complete your medical clearance form. All postdoctoral fellows must return to Employee Health Service within two days of the pre-employment physical to pick up a medical clearance form. Return the completed form to your human resources representative as soon as possible to prevent a delay in your first paycheck.
  • Get an NYU Grossman School of Medicine ID. A human resources representative can help you obtain yours. You should wear your ID card face up at all times when you’re on any NYU Langone property. If your ID card is not visible, a security guard may stop and question you. Your ID card is not transferable and remains school property. It is returned at the end of your appointment.
  • Sign up for benefits. A representative from our Benefits Services Department provides orientation on your benefits as a postdoc and provides enrollment materials. You must enroll within 30 days of the date listed on the benefits worksheet. Otherwise, you are enrolled in default coverage, which may not be your first choice and does not cover dependents. To speak with a member of the benefits services staff, contact human resources at 212-404-3928.
  • Get an NYU Langone email address, which is required. Our benefits services representatives can help as needed.
  • Sign up for the postdoc listserv, which keeps you up to date on important announcements, professional development and career opportunities, and special events. We encourage you to log into the postdoc community intranet using your Kerberos ID. There, you can find funding opportunities, grant templates, and more.
  • Attend the postdoctoral fellow orientation, hosted four times a year to welcome new postdocs. Upcoming orientation dates are announced through the listserv. We discuss important details such as salaries, benefits, policies, free memberships, discounts, and other perks, as well as our frequent events and workshops. Orientation is also a great opportunity for you to meet fellow postdocs and faculty mentors, all of whom are eager to help as you make the transition to professional life.