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Scientific Training Enhancement Program Career Planning & Exploration for Graduate Students & Postdoctoral Fellows

Career Planning & Exploration for Graduate Students & Postdoctoral Fellows

At NYU Grossman School of Medicine and NYU, our collaborative Scientific Training Enhancement Program (NYU-STEP) helps postdoctoral scholars and graduate students identify career goals and understand how their training is relevant to the job market. Searching for opportunities and networking early in your training is the best route to finding a challenging, rewarding career.

You can start NYU-STEP as early as your second year of graduate school or your first year of a postdoctoral fellowship.

Individual Development Plan

The NYU-STEP program begins with a 10-week course, Individual Development Plan (IDP). Modeled after the American Association for the Advancement of Science IDP, the course helps you explore 20 scientific career paths to best identify your skills and interests. You and your peers discuss diverse views and connect with those with similar interests.

This course is intended for second- and third-year graduate students and postdocs who are nearing the end of their fellowships. See the course syllabus.

Career Plan Exploration

Next, you participate in faculty-hosted panel discussions and networking events focused on four career tracks: for-profit industry, nonprofit and government, communications, and academia. We host events focused on each career path at least once a semester.

Because networking is one key to finding a job, we host events where you can meet with potential employers and connect with like-minded peers who may be interested in starting a business or inventing a product. Partnerships with the NYU Consulting Club, the Chemists’ Club, and the NYU Biotech Association, among others, help facilitate networking and community.