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PhD Program Academics PhD Program Course Catalog
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PhD Program Academics PhD Program Course Catalog

Each semester, Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences offers a variety of courses for PhD candidates. Consult your training program advisor or our administration to ensure that the courses you choose are appropriate for your academic track.

For a full list of courses, please log in with your KID to the Sackler Student Community.

Fall 2017 PhD Courses

Activity Dependent Neuronal Signaling (BMSC-GA 4480) 

Bioinformatics (BMSC-GA 2604) 

Developmental Stem Cell Systems I (BMSC-GA 2610) 

Disorders of the Nervous System (BMSC-GA 4414) 

Drug Development in a New Era (BMSC-GA 4419) 

Ethics Refresher (BMSC-GA 4478) 

Fundamental Research Skills and Tools (BMSC-GA 4473) 

Fundamentals of MRI (BMSC-GA 4404) 

Genetics (BMSC-GA 2213) 

Genome Integrity (BMSC-GA 4457) 

Host-Pathogen Interactions (BMSC-GA 4467) 

Introduction to Cellular Neuroscience (BMSC-GA 2005) 

Introduction to Health Informatics (BMSC-GA 4455) 

Introduction to Immunology (BMSC-GA 2306)

Introduction to Programming (BMSC-GA 1358) 

Introduction to Research (BMSC-GA 4482) 

Introduction to SAS for Data Management and Analysis (BMSC-GA 4487) 

Medical Imaging (BMSC-GA 4426) 

Medical Microbiology (BMSC-GA 2202) 

Methods in Quantitive Biology (BMSC-GA 4449) 

Molecular Mechanisms in Biology (BMSC-GA 2004) 

Molecular Neurobiology (BMSC-GA 4485) 

Programming for Data Analysis (BMSC-GA 4486) 

Topics in Molecular Biology (BMSC-GA 2001) 

Translating Cancer Discovery (BMSC-GA 4422)

Fall 2017 Seminar, Readings, and Tutorials

Biostatistics Seminar and Journal Club (BMSC-GA 4492) 

Cell and Molecular Biology Journal Discussion Club (BMSC-GA 2611.001) 

Consortia Courses (GSAS-GA 2000) 

Current Topics in Genome Integrity (BMSC-GA 4458) 

Epidemiology Seminar and Journal Club (BMSC-GA 4490) 

Genome Integrity Works-in-Progress (BMSC-GA 4460) 

Immunology Journal Club (BMSC-GA 4479) 

Readings in Neuroscience (BMSC-GA 4463) 

Research Presentations in CMB (BMSC-GA 2605) 

Seminar in Biomedical Imaging (BMSC-GA 4416) 

Seminar in Biomedical Informatics (BMSC-GA 4435) 

Seminar in Developmental Genetics  (BMSC-GA 3404) 

Seminar in Immunology (BMSC-GA 4441) 

Seminar in Microbiology (BMSC-GA 3211) 

Seminar in Molecular Biophysics (BMSC-GA 3715) 

Seminar in Pathology (BMSC-GA 3311) 

Seminar in Pharmacology (BMSC-GA 3411) 

Seminar in Stem Cell Biology (BMSC-GA 4425) 

Tutorial in Biomedical Imaging (BMSC-GA 4418) 

Tutorial in Developmental Genetics (BMSC-GA 2606) 

Tutorial in Stem Cell Biology (BMSC-GA 4429) 

Tutorial in Molecular Biophysics (BMSC-GA 2511)

Fall 2017 Research

Maintenance of Matriculation (MAINT-GA 4747)

Research in Biochemistry (BMSC-GA 3101)

Research in Biomaterials Science (BMSC-GA 4490)

Research in Biomedical Imaging (BMSC-GA 4417)

Research in Biostatistics (BMSC-GA 4489)

Research in Cell Biology (BMSC-GA 3007)

Research in Developmental Genetics (BMSC-GA 3403)

Research in Epidemiology (BMSC-GA 4488)

Research in Genome Integrity (BMSC-GA 4472)

Research in Immunology (BMSC-GA 4442)

Research in MBP (BMSC-GA 3713)

Research in Microbiology (BMSC-GA 3201)

Research in Neuroscience and Physiology (BMSC-GA 3501)

Research in Pathobiology (BMSC-GA 4466)

Research in Pathology (BMSC-GA 3301)

Research in Pharmacology (BMSC-GA 3401)

Research in Stem Cell Biology (BMSC-GA 4430)

Research in Systems and Computational Biomedicine (BMSC-GA 4436)