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Life at Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences Graduate School Insider Podcast

Graduate School Insider Podcast

Considering graduate training in the biomedical sciences can be quite daunting: Is it for me? How can I increase my chances for admission? How do I navigate through the first year? To help guide those who are considering pursuing a PhD or an MD/PhD degree, members of the NYU Langone Health community discuss various topics, such as the following:

  • What are PhD and MD/PhD admissions officers looking for in an applicant? Hear from Naoko Tanese, PhD, associate dean for biomedical sciences; Susanne Tranguch, MBA, PhD, assistant dean for biomedical sciences; and Mark Philips, MD, director, Medical Scientist Training Program.
  • What is it like being a graduate student in New York City? Hear from Lydia Grmai, PhD ’17, and Phillip Geter, PhD ’17, recent graduates of our programs.
  • How do I pick rotation labs and a thesis advisor? Hear from current Medical Student Training Program trainee Ashira Lubkin and PhD program trainee Emily Radke.
  • What can I be with a PhD? Hear from Christine Ponder, PhD, and Ada Weinstock, PhD.

The Graduate School Insider has provided a podcast hosted by Keith Micoli, PhD, assistant dean for postdoctoral affairs at NYU School of Medicine, featuring speakers from our PhD programMD/PhD program, and Summer Undergraduate Research Program. Each podcast runs between 10 and 15 minutes.

You can subscribe to the podcast through iTunes and listen from the Graduate School Insider podcast website.