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Scientific Cores & Shared Resources High Throughput Biology Laboratory

High Throughput Biology Laboratory

NYU Langone’s High Throughput Biology Laboratory is a shared resource dedicated to aiding researchers in the innovative development, optimization, screening, and imaging of mid- and high throughput assays.

Notification of Closure

The High Throughput Biology Laboratory will cease operations at the end of June 2020. Until that time, all users with active or planned projects have access to our self-service and standard services. Please contact Chi Yun at chi.yun@nyulangone.org regarding the completion of your projects.

With the closure of the High Throughput Biology Laboratory, key services and instrumentation will be transitioned to the following core laboratories of the Division of Advanced Research Technologies:

Additional questions regarding the closure should be directed to Adriana Heguy, PhD, at adriana.heguy@nyulangone.org.

High Throughput Biology Laboratory Services

The High Throughput Biology Laboratory will continue to support researchers until its closing by providing high throughput and high content screening services and equipment. These include the latest in automated liquid handling, imaging technologies, and multimode plate readers. In addition, we deliver logistical, technical, and bioinformatics support in the performance and interpretation of your experiments.

Our services include the following:

  • whole genome and custom small interfering RNA (siRNA) and microRNA (miRNA) human and mouse libraries
  • automated liquid dispensing starting at 0.1 µl and microplate washing
  • robotic plate replication, reformatting, and media transfers
  • multimode plate readers (luminescence, fluorescence, absorbance, AlphaScreen®, infrared)
  • assay development, screening, data analysis, and visualization support
  • automated tissue and cellular imaging
  • digital image analysis (such as viability, colony count, colocalization, and neurite outgrowth)
  • plate preparation for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and screening of small molecules, biologics, and other assays
  • training for independent equipment usage or supported and full service assay development and screening

The High Throughput Biology Laboratory is committed to providing comprehensive and cost-effective services to the entire academic community and to facilitating collaboration among researchers at NYU Langone and elsewhere.

iLab Is Now Available

To initiate a project, order reagents, or reserve equipment, all users must be registered in iLab. We have provided iLab login instructions for NYU Langone, NYU, NYU College of Dentistry, and external users.

Requests and Reservations

Request services or reserve instruments using our iLab platform.

Contact Us

To inquire about our services or discuss your project, contact Chi Yun, PhD, director, at chi.yun@nyulangone.org. You can also email us at htb@nyulangone.org or call us at 212-263-9080.

Our facility is located in the Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine in Manhattan, at 540 First Avenue. We occupy lab 7 on the third floor.

How to Acknowledge the High Throughput Biology Laboratory

The High Throughput Biology Laboratory is partially funded by the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center support grant, Helen L. and Martin S. Kimmel Center for Stem Cell Biology, and New York State Stem Cell Science (NYSTEM).

Please acknowledge Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center support grant, National Institutes of Health–National Cancer Institute Grant P30CA16087, and NYSTEM contract C026719 on any publication resulting from the use of the laboratory.

Additionally, all publications resulting from the use of this facility are required to abide by the National Institutes of Health Public Access Policy and be deposited in PubMed Central within a year of publication.

Before beginning any project with the High Throughput Biology Laboratory, please sign our acknowledgment policy form indicating that you have read and understand our acknowledgment policy. This form can also be accessed through iLab.