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High Throughput Biology Laboratory High Throughput Biology Laboratory Fees

High Throughput Biology Laboratory Fees

NYU Langone’s High Throughput Biology Laboratory provides training, access to instruments, and other services at competitive rates.

Our staff members can consult on experiment design, assay development and optimization, and data and image analysis throughout your project.


Screening fees cover instrument use according to the number of assay plates. Equipment use or staff support is billed in addition to the screening fee. Data from test and pilot screens must be approved by facility staff before the rest of the genome plates can be screened.

Screening Fees

Screen Internal External Academic
Human or mouse test plates: 1 plate in triplicate (total of 3 plates) of random siRNAs/miRNAs $400 $500
Human or mouse pilot screen: 3 plates in triplicate (total of 9 plates) $2,000 $2,500
Human or mouse rest of genome $10,000 Starting at $12,500
Human or mouse mirVana miRNA mimic $2,500 $3,000
Human or mouse mirVana miRNA inhibitor $2,500 $3,000

Contact us for pricing for Drosophila whole genome, Drosophila sublibrary, or Drosophila transmembrane sublibrary screens.

Assay Consumables and Reagents

Reagents such as cells, media, transfection reagents, and antibodies are the screener’s responsibility. Because we purchase consumables and some reagents at a discount, we can bill screeners for what has been used during the course of a screen. Consumables and reagents provided by the facility are billed with a surcharge.

Custom siRNA/miRNA Libraries

Custom siRNA/miRNA libraries of 50 genes or more can be requested. Please email us at #htb@nyulangone.org for more details.

Equipment Hourly Rates

The following hourly rates apply for equipment used in assay optimization, secondary assays, and nonscreeners.

Equipment Fees

Equipment Internal External
Thermo Scientific Matrix® WellMate® Microplate Dispenser $40 $50
ArrayScan high content microscope $60 $75
ArrayScan analysis workstation $20 $25
EVOS FL Auto Cell Imaging System $40 $50
PerkinElmer EnVision®, PerkinElmer EnSpire®, and LI-COR Odyssey® Sa plate readers $45 $55
BioTek plate washer $40 $50
Formulatrix Mantis $30 $40
Agilent Bravo or PerkinElmer JANUS® Varispan robotic workstations $80 $100

All equipment requires at least 30 minutes of training before independent use.