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High Throughput Biology Laboratory High Throughput Biology Laboratory Forms

High Throughput Biology Laboratory Forms

To request a service or reserve use of an instrument at NYU Langone’s High Throughput Biology Laboratory, you must complete a number of forms.

For All Users

The following applies to all users of our services or instruments.

Project Registration

Register your project in LabVantage to begin your project (Kerberos ID and password are required for login). Please see the instructions and forms necessary for setting up a project with the High Throughput Biology Laboratory. 

Acknowledgment Policy Form

Before you begin your project, please demonstrate that you understand how to acknowledge the High Throughput Biology Laboratory by reading and signing our acknowledgment policy form

For Whole Genome Screeners

The following applies to whole genome screeners.

Whole Genome Screening Application Form

If you are interested in our services, please fill out a screening application. Please note that assay optimization in a 384-well format is required for approval. 

Data Sharing Agreement

When you receive approval of your screening application, please read and sign our data sharing agreement

Test Plate Map for All Libraries

Our test plate map applies to both human and mouse RNAi screening libraries.