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High Throughput Biology Laboratory High Throughput Biology Laboratory Technologies

High Throughput Biology Laboratory Technologies

NYU Langone’s High Throughput Biology Laboratory services include access to small interfering RNA (siRNA) and microRNA (miRNA) screening libraries and automated instruments, as well as training in the use of our facilities. We also develop assays, perform screening, and conduct image analysis for researchers.

Screening Libraries

We provide researchers with ready access to various screening libraries. Our laboratory offers human and mouse genome siRNA and miRNA mimic and inhibitor libraries. We also offer Drosophila whole-genome libraries and Drosophila sublibraries.

Fully customized siRNA or miRNA library subsets are also available for focused screening of 50 or more targets. We can rapidly create custom pooled or single siRNA–miRNA screening libraries.

Library screening can be performed by the researcher or by our staff. Please contact us for more details at #htb@nyulangone.org.

Our laboratory shares resources with the High-Throughput and Spectroscopy Resource Center at The Rockefeller University, which provides NYU Langone users access to chemical libraries.

Liquid Handling

Our laboratory contains a variety of liquid handling instruments ranging from simple bulk plate fillers to complex robotic systems. Automated liquid dispensing is available at volumes as low as 0.1 µl, using both fixed head and individual well configurations. Applications include high throughput transfection, microplate washing, plate replication, reformatting, and sterile media exchanges. Most of these instruments are available for self-service use after training by our staff.

Assay Instrumentation

We house two multimode plate readers (PerkinElmer EnVision® and EnSpire®) and an infrared plate reader (LI-COR Odyssey® Sa). All instruments are equipped with stackers for high throughput capability. The EnVision® and EnSpire® are capable of reading luminescence, fluorescence, absorbance, and PerkinElmer AlphaScreen® assays. The Odyssey® Sa is primarily used for In-Cell Western assays for quantitative analysis.

We also provide two automated microscopes with similar objective and filter sets. Thermo Fisher Scientific Invitrogen EVOS FL Auto Cell Imaging System is a fluorescent microscope that allows for rapid imaging and analysis of cells and tissue sections. The Thermo Scientific ArrayScan VTI is a fully automated high content and high throughput cellular imaging microscope.

All assay instrumentation is available for self-service use after training by our laboratory staff.

Standardized Services

Services routinely performed in our laboratory include mycoplasma testing, the automated enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), and cell quantitation and normalization. Please contact us at #htb@nyulangone.org for more details.

Experimental Design and Assay Development

We are happy to assist with experimental design and assay development, from transfection optimization to reagent suggestions. Logistical and technical support is available for every project.

Image and Data Analysis

Our laboratory provides researchers with training on how to perform image and data analysis from images generated from our automated microscope or imported as 8-bit grayscale TIFF files. Automated microscopy and analysis allows for the rigorous measurements of subtle cellular events based on shape and intensity.

Our laboratory also utilizes specialized software applications for analysis and visualization of large datasets from image or plate reader based assays.

Partial and Full-Service Support

We offer full-service project support, in which our staff members run assays and optimize and analyze data. This provides researchers with a report of raw, normalized data and a set of visualizations. Our staff can also assist you with performing your assay.


Equipment training is required before self-service use. Before coming in to perform your assay, contact our staff at #htb@nyulangone.org to discuss the equipment you wish to use.