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Therapeutics Alliances

Launched in 2013, Therapeutics Alliances facilitates the translation of academic biomedical research conducted at NYU into successful industry partnerships focused on developing new therapeutics.

Our success is built on the legacies of blockbuster drugs such as Remicade and Sutent, which were based on licensed NYU Langone research and have helped treat more than one million people.

Current Request for Proposals

Therapeutics Alliances is currently seeking innovative target discovery, target validation, and assay development projects designed to advance preclinical research to a stage at which licensing to a commercial partner or startup company is feasible.

Proposals are due by June 27, 2022. Learn more about how to apply.

A Virtual Biotechnology Engine

Therapeutics Alliances is a unique and comprehensive drug accelerator that operates like a “virtual biotechnology company” to identify and de-risk select NYU projects and enable greater dealmaking with investors and biopharmaceutical companies.

To accomplish this, we provide a variety of resources involving target discovery and validation, assay development, hit finding, and hit-to-lead optimization for small molecules, biologics, and other modalities. In addition to funding, we bring together a dedicated internal staff of project managers and analysts as well as experienced external biopharmaceutical consultants, including medicinal chemists, in vitro pharmacologists, biologics experts, peptide chemists, and more.

Moreover, we utilize many world-class contract research organizations that specialize in drug discovery services such as high-throughput screening, virtual screening, biologics, medicinal chemistry, biochemical assays, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, and more.

All of our projects receive resources customized to meet the specific scientific and business needs required to secure a quality partnership with biopharmaceutical companies and investors. In conjunction with NYU’s Technology Opportunities and Ventures, we seamlessly align each project’s scientific work with related business development and intellectual property efforts to maximize the likelihood of inking successful deals.


Since 2013, we have reviewed more than 55 opportunities and advanced more than 34 projects, with a steady-state pipeline of approximately 15 projects in various stages.

In addition, we helped bring in $10 million from various nonprofits to augment our own funding, and 11 projects have been successfully exited to pharmaceutical companies or investors for startup formation.

Our start-ups include iβeCa Therapeutics, Nybo Therapeutics, Repare Therapeutics, and GliXogen Therapeutics.

A Resource for Biomedical Researchers

Faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students who are working on a potentially interesting pathway that may play a key role in human disease are encouraged to discuss such projects with our staff members. We then initiate a review and provide feedback and analysis in a transparent and efficient manner to determine if and what resources can be provided to advance a potential project.

For each candidate opportunity, we specifically assess the evidence, gaps, and cost–benefit related to target validation, feasibility, translatability, commercial and nonprofit interest, and intellectual property.

A Resource for Industry, Investors, and Nonprofits

Therapeutics Alliances partners with biopharmaceutical companies, investors, and nonprofits interested in advancing drug discovery–related research from NYU Langone. Each project is advanced as akin to a single-asset biotechnology start-up with the benefit of industry-grade resources such as our contract research organization and consultant network, project and alliance management, and alignment of de-risking activities with intellectual property strategies.

Contact Us

We encourage potential partners to contact us to enquire about our current pipeline, as well as engage us on their preferences vis-à-vis disease areas, therapeutic modality, or project stage.

Please email Gaspar Taroncher-Oldenburg, director of Therapeutics Alliances, at if you are an NYU researcher and have a research project that you would like us to consider; if you are a biopharma company, investor, or nonprofit and are interested in partnering with us; if you are a contract research organization or consultant interested in providing drug discovery services; or if you have any other related inquiries.