Our Nursing and Surgical Technician Team

There’s no group of nurses and surgical technicians in the United States more comfortable with performing robotic procedures than the team at NYU Langone's Robotic Surgery Center. All of our operating room nurses and technicians have received specialized training on how to set up and operate the da Vinci surgical system. In addition, they continue to get periodic brush-up sessions, including education on any equipment or instruments that have been newly adapted for robotic surgery. To maintain sharpness, our nurses and technicians also assist in robotic procedures on a daily basis. For maximum efficiency, two OR nurses are present at all times during every robotic procedure we perform.

“Robotic technology is great for the patient, but we also find it enjoyable and fascinating to work with,” says one of the center’s OR nurses. “We all love what we do. All of our nurses and technicians are dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and very interested in the process. We work at a great pace, without ever feeling rushed, and there’s a lot of teamwork. It makes for a great atmosphere.”